Life As I Know It


My mind it wanders

Into imaginary places
Filled with hope and peace

And people of different races

I touch, I feel

I sense the times

The world around me

Filled with passion and rhymes

I dream, I hurt

With no perfect balance

I pray to God for everlasting guidance  

I crack and break when my thoughts are much

School and restlessness go beyond my touch

To work, to fulfill God’s mighty plan

Is my number one goal in this earthly land

Though others around me quit with no fire

I stand up to press on and fight the tire

For my dreams and my longings will not come free

I must ponder and think what my life will be

The future is ahead and waits for my mark

Don’t worry, my efforts will embark

All seriousness aside

Laughter will be forever at my side

When things go rough

I will not be

At the bottom of desperation

Where others will flee

Although people may push me down

I will always get up

And make opportunities come

When the going gets rough

When I look in the mirror

And I don’t like what I see

I just remember to be thankful for what the Lord gave me

I hope in the end

When I look back at my life

That I will have no regrets

And would have given to others

More than I could ever dream

I end this with a message to you

To keep dreaming when others tell you not to

With patience comes love

As I have learned

Through my experiences

Of death and life

I continue to dream

With layers of truthfulness

Hope and faith are what I run after

Hoping to finish my race with grace and laughter



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