Try to live a life without getting shot, and try to aim for that A+ in your classes. Instead of you running form hits and run start running in P.E class. Start wearing a uniform for school, Instead of you wearing a uniform that you have to represent and to keep yourself alive. Instead of caring a chopper and ammunition in your backpack, put a book, paper and pen. Start to get use to having a pencil in class and stop carrying a glock with a full mag. Start sharpening your mind in class, instead of sharpening knife in your room. Why don’t you stop hurting my heart for you son and start hurting your brain with all the lecture you do in class. Skip all days that you go outside and walk with your friend, and stop skipping classes. Stop bringing danger in my house and start bringing actual people that will not damage your life.


“ That is what I remember of what my mom said to me before I got shoot, My mom was right I guess I should've aim at my career instead at the man that was pointed a gun at me.”        



- Miguel Hernandez_

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My community
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