Life Is Full (of) Energy


United States
42° 20' 51.4248" N, 71° 6' 1.0368" W

Zero worries about my fate for it is predestined
It does not mean it is alright to sit and wait for presents
Rather wasting time is wasting potential and life is thus compressed
Shortened as it is easy to let life slip through one’s fingers
Who can you ask to pause?
The remote control is out of reach for it in the hands of the Man upstairs
Besides hope whispers in our ears
that this is not the last chance to prove your value as a cause
We struggle here and now to find comfort in the future

Is it true that I can not answer how an after life is plausible?
Yet an exit can also serve as an entrance
My pops always reminds me that all deeds done here are fit to be reportable
To Him whose make up, makes up our essence
Given time on this mundane sphere to think and act accordingly to how we feel
Quickly flashing true and false emotions, waiting for the meaning to peel
and reveal the meaning of life and while waiting the time’s ripe
For Death comes and snatches one riding away on a motorbike

Why did God breathe into us two legs,
two ears, arms, and eyes, but one heart?
To find and garner that missing piece
Perhaps more than one in the forms of love and hope
Perhaps it is hidden deep within that heart
Thumping and bumping sensationally
Creating music for the soul to vibe to and the distant beats will never match equally
While each beat burns out
God’s gavel will soon dictate the fate of His children
Yet who am I to speak of the unknown
Perhaps I may be the one who will yelp in eternal pain or display pains of everlasting shouts
Perhaps I may be blessed with the gentle balm of heaven
that soothes all pains regardless of one’s former bouts
Zero worries for the future cause life is the equalizer to death
While death is the equalizer to life


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