Life in a Flash

Walk through a SERENITY, the beach, a forest;

The comfort of our dreams.

What does it make us feel?

What does our heart whisper to us?

It makes us reminisce;

Reminisce the past, expect our future,

But the truth is life isn't guaranteed,

Tomorrow may NEVER come.

Whether we are old, or whether we are young.

Make the most of every moment,

Make the best of that walk on the beach,

As the waves crash to shore, and the warmth of the air rushes through your skin;

Make the best of that walk through the forest,

Take pictures and enjoy the sounds of pure nature,

The feeling of being so free as never before;

Make those comforting dreams come alive. 

Every moment should count, because the rest of our lives is no t a promise,

Could stop at the end of the PAGE with words left unwritten;

Those walks may be cut short;

Those dreams can come to an end.

The sad truth to life, is not everything can be FINISHED.... 


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