Life as a Fat Kid

If I had a time machine 

I'd go back

And mentor the dumb, ignorant child

Who fought like hell to keep pace.

She ate more cheetos than apples

And ate 3 servings of dinner

She wore XL clothing

And a training bra in 3rd grade. 

People warned her of future events

The teasing and mocking

She kept eating

And never shared.

She was told everyone hated her

She was told she'd never find love

She started to feel uncomfortable in her own skin

She decided to eat some more. 

Then High School came along

She grew and thinned out

She had tons of friends 

She still felt uncomfortable.

She met a guy

He was sweet, kind, and funny

But the words fom her past crept up on her

She ended it before it got serious. 

She started eating once again.

Slowly she lost sight of everything.

She quit the activities she loved 

She chose darkness instead of light. 

She believes she never changed

Those few years of perfection were gone

She can't put down the ice cream

She can't feel good about herself. 

I would change the way people talked to her

I would changed the way people looked at her

I would change the way she looked at herself. 

I would tell her life as a fat kid is never a happy one.

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