The Life of Faith

People say, " Keep having faith that one day what you want will be true." 

Other say, " Why faith is not happen to us but other." 

We say, "Life, Oh people who still believe in faith." 

It not that we don't believe it is something that very impossible to happen

And sometime, what you think in mine always become out the opposite. 


That is why, people fear of wanted to much, it will not come to be true 

But other say, "Keep you wanted, one day you will get there." 

We don't know which side is right.... 

But we do known that 

Now is true so keeping it up 

What kind of problem you're having

There always be a way out is waiting it. 

STOP because it is hard

Do STOP when you get there, the place you want to be 


No one is Stopping you but yourself and 

The works inside your mine keeping say, "THIS n THAT." 

Sometime you need a place where there is no voice around 

There ask yourself again, " What is the reason, Why you are doing what you doing, 

How far did you come, Why do you want to STOP, Are you happy if you STOP, 

Are you're going to regret about it, 


You are the answer to all this 

You make the chose for it

Don't chose because other tell you 

Or what other does 


Chose because you like it 

Chose because you want it 

And chose it because it is your dream


Don't Give Up for what happen today

You still have tomorrow to make it better 

You'll change your future 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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