The Life Of A Fairy Tale

If I were a poet,

you would surely know it,

Even though this poet, will not show it,

He loves to go for it,

so here we go.

Once upon a time,

In a world so clean,

with the sky so blue,

there was a wolf,

and three piggies too,

now these piggies all built a house,

one from stick, brick, and straw,

and the wolf came around,

looking for a meal,

he smelled what the piggies were cooking,

it was some good veal,

now the wolf was so hungry,

he started to pout,

"Oh piggy please spare me some veal, for I am so hungry"

the piggy said "no, for you are a wolf, and wolfs get no veal"

so the wolf got angry and pout

and with a big huff and a puff he blew off some steam, 

And walked away to come again another day.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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