Life is the definition of open doors with smiles


 Positivity in a dictionary is, “the quality or state of being happy” 

But that's not what it is, in fact it’s much more.

You want to know where you can have positivity?

And not the cliche positivity that you see in happy ever endings

Or when you go to Disneyland. 

Do you really want to know where you can get a hold of this feeling of smiles?

If so, close your eyes, take a deep breath, let it out, then…

Open your eyes and look around. 

What do you see? 

Your room? The trees? Groups of kids laughing? Or maybe your family?

That right there is your life, the real definition of positivity. 

From going out to the movies with your best friends 

Or scoring your first goal and winning State finals

Cant forget about waking up Christmas morning to see what Santa got you

Even having to say goodbye to the old friends and welcome the new ones

Life is full of wonder and awe. 

You have your really good days like passing your finals for staying up all those late nights

And you have the days where you feel alone and empty inside. 


Take off the blindfolds you have around your eyes when you feel negative

You are stronger than that, the Life you live is stronger.

You must learn from the bad to get to the good

And you must learn from the good to get to the bad

And thats okay. 

You learn more in your life than being lectured by someone.

You not only live it, you breathe it, and you cherish it.

Life is not just an opportunity…

Life is your open door with smiles. 

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