Life = Death - volume 7 - Poems on Life , Death

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually volume 7 of the Book titled – Life = Death – Poems on Life , Death ( 1200 pages ) . This enigmatic collection of poems explores and equates the boundless possibilities of life and death and delves into each intricate inexplicability of survival. Parekh's roving philosophical eye brings the unconquerable richness of life to the fore and yet at the same time explicitly highlights the veracity of 'death' as the absolute certainty of every existence. The poet joyously celebrates the occasions of both life and death with equal panache in each poetic stanza sewn with the uncanny mysteries of this Universe. The poems within immortalize both life and death as the ultimate victories and the two most contrastingly amazing and divine sides of creation. Catapulting the reader to the threshold of ultimate ecstasy; they bring about an impromptu twist with the closure of breath and what lies beyond. This charismatically woven collection of poetic verse would equally enamor the narcissist as well as the simple humanitarian to the core.

This book is a humble attempt to enlighten the readers with the equality of life and death-and to live in both of them to the most unparalleled fullest. Embracing only the religion of humanity, as the Lord has commanded every living being on earth. You cant die in life and cant live in death-each of these components are irrefutably equal in every respect and should be worshipped with due obeisance.


17. MOOD
49. BEDS


Every day I polished my teeth with scintillating toothpaste; scrupulously scrapping even the most minuscule chunk of dirt trapped in the interiors within,

Every day I washed my body tenaciously with raw soap; intricately extracting even the most infinitesimal particle of dandruff from my scalp,

Every day I trimmed my nails; judiciously seeing to it that they didn’t protrude even a trifle more than necessary,

Every day I placed my soggy shoes in blistering sunlight; in order to fumigate even the last ounce of fungus disdainfully adhering incorrigibly to my shoes,

Every day I ironed my clothes with a steaming iron; profoundly ensuring that every single little cringe metamorphosed itself into handsome neat folds,

Every day I applied tons of redolent powder on my skin; spraying every cranny of my armpits with rejuvenating fountains of pungent scent,

Every day I massaged soothing sandalwood paste on my cheeks; in order to impart my fatigued complexion with that immortal shine and bountiful glow,

Every day I wore expensive designer shirts; with an array of stunningly gaudy designs embossed within; making me the darling of all teenage girls,

Every day I consumed several bottles of sparkling spring water; to pacify the unrelenting fires smoldering violently in my scorched throat,

Every day I drove in a new car; letting its swanky interiors and Herculean speed flamboyantly ignite the dormant adventurer in my persona,

Every day I visited a myriad of valleys and royal palace; with a festoon of glittering images taking complete control of my fading imagination,

Every day I conversed with the most mesmerizing of fairies every existing in this Universe; let the enchantment in their eyes drown me into a valley of perpetual bliss,

Every day I suckled boundless cans of succulent food and ravishing beer; gulped and chewed indefatigably to my ultimate heart's content,

Every day I philandered in rustic cowboy boots through sprawling territories of the meadow; chasing the sheep and peacocks; blending myself profusely with the natural environment,

Every day I sighted my reflection in the most fascinating of glass on the globe for hours immemorial; sipped delectable streams of honey and herbal tea; seated within the plush interiors of the grandiloquently golden aircraft,

Every day I signed countless number of cheques with my bulky leather pen; shaking hands with towering business magnates and a flurry of prominent ministers,

Every day I listened to the most enigmatic of tunes floating passionately on this planet, relishing the mystical froth of the waterfalls cascading through my curled eyelashes,

Every day I gobbled down a battalion of robust vitamins; to fortify and replenish my body against dirt and inexplicable disease,

Every day I donated millions of currency coins amongst all those who badly needed it; dispensed the colossal treasury of my wealth with gay abandon and according to my own will,

Every day I basked in the aisles of unprecedented desire; possessing every intangible object I laid my eyes upon; with the unfathomable power of my wealth,

And yet one day; I found myself buried gruesomely under the morbid corpse; with all my so called ostentation and pretention; now thoroughly blended with small specks of smoky dirt;

Inevitable death had unsparingly mixed me along with infinite others in the soil; and the thing that I was never ready to believe at any stage of my bombastic life; had now snatched me away within fractions of seconds along with my entire mountain of so called wealth and fame.


You can't compress your fingers and still prolifically write,

You can't clench your teeth and still gregariously smile,

You can't sleep tight on the bed and still boisterously run,

You can't stand in freezing snowflakes and still sweat like a horse,

You can't stitch your lips and still loquaciously speak,

You can't stuff cotton in your ears and still hear the pin dropping on pure silk,

You can't squeeze your eyes and still witness the mesmerizing sparrow shrugging rain drops from its body,

You can't tie your hands and still swim against turbulent waves of the choppy ocean,

You can't slit your stomach with a knife; and still devour ravishing chunks of tangy butter,

You can't paint the mirror and still sight your pellucid reflection,

You can't stand on Mount Everest and still view the world as it is,

You can't consume titillating champagne and still decipher mind boggling sums of arithmetic,

You can't wear cowdung coated shoes and still smell like a supremely redolent rose,

You can't walk upside down and still shake hands amicably with your girlfriend,

You can't walk on red-hot embers of coal and still want your feet to develop extra soles,

You can't have shattered teeth ands till snap through the obdurate shell of coconut in one snap,

You can't have a snow white beard extruding from your cheeks and still proclaim that you were a teenager,

You can't yawn with your Jaws wide open and still remain dry eyed,

You can't be an insane lunatic and still be able to scrupulously recite each stanza from the Shakespeare,

You can't adorn a diamond ring on your finger and still audaciously declare that you weren't engaged,

You can't get as pink as a radish and still say that you didn’t blush the slightest,

You can't protrude out your tongue in anger and still convey to the world that you were a revered saint,

You can't have dark circles under your lids and still perceive yourself to be an innocuous kid,

You can't keep lying on the seashore and still feel in the midst of tingling adventure,

You can't whip the slave left, right, center and still believe that you had blessed him,

You can't act like a crazy clown and still envisage yourself to be the greatest actor,

You can't stammer and still speak with articulate proficiency on the mike,

You can't drive slow and still win the whirlwind speed motor car race,

You can't be bare eyed and still stare unrelentingly into the blazing fireball of Sun,

You can't shout deafeningly and still blow a melodious whistle,

You can't be afraid of a mosquito and still pledge to leap into the unfathomably
deep valley head on,

You can't eat Cadbury chocolates and still expect smoke to diffuse ecstatically from your nostrils,

You can't drape your feet in spiked footwear and still topple on the ground like nine pins,

You can't apply mud on your hair and still experience the silken follicles shine,

You can't keep looking at the changing sun and still tell the exact minute of the day,

You can't have a badly fractured hand and still expect to challenge the mightiest wrestler,

You can't have red ants inside your trousers and still sit unperturbed throughout the business meeting,

You can't have savage blood coated on your hands and still divulge to the world that they were as sacrosanct as God,

You can't be incarcerated behind bars of the prison and still play hide-n-seek with your children in the park,

You can't wear a flimsy night suit and still stand without shivering on the frozen lake,

You can't have infinite blemishes of chicken pox and still compare yourself with the shimmering pearl,

You can't be a mundane businessman and still have a passionate penchant for
poetic rhyme,

You can't be an imbecile beggar and still think of sleeping all night on the
golden couch,

You can't sit in front of the man eater leopard and still recite tranquil rhymes from the holy scriptures,

You can't stick your tongue out and still say that you're well mannered and extremely cultured,

You can't be a ghastly skeleton suspended from the ceiling and still conquer the entire battle field in war,

You can't wink flirtatiously at a girl and still adroitly tell her that she was your sister,

You can't be rustic fisherman and still know the most intricate of computer virus,

You can't spell death wrongly and still have an ambition to die,

You can't simply hold the knife in your hands and still profusely bleed,

You can't open your mouth a trifle lazily and still expect thunderous tunes to blast through the frigid atmosphere,

You can't wear a necklace of glistening diamonds and still feel venomous snakes brutally strangulating your neck,

You can't be a slime coated frog and still conceive yourself to as the
astonishingly beautiful crown princess,

You can't eat foul sewage floating in the gutter and still expect pearls to pop out each time you opened your mouth,

You can't tear plain paper into infinite parts and still flood its surface with
unending lines of literature,

You can't have lecherous fires blazing in your eyes and still have empathy for the deprived,

You can't worry baselessly and still make people around you wholeheartedly laugh,

You can't maliciously envy your counterparts and still reach the top,

You can't drive a truck blindfolded and still be able to reach the other end of the
road safely,

You can't be sitting in one corner of the dark room and still imagine yourself to be a complete man,

You can't develop nerve-wrecking stress and still have blissful peace,

You can't apply effeminate lipstick on your lips and still claim to be Tarzan inhabiting the wild,

You can't drench yourself wholesomely in the rain and still catch blazing fires the very next instant,

You can't draw incongruous lines with your feet and still visualize yourself as the greatest artist,

You can't brag like a donkey and still whisper to the society that you were
unselfishly polite,

You can't keep surging down into deep waters and still view the pinnacle of the tower spiraling high towards the Sun,

You can't roll amidst heaps of glittering gold and still cry hysterically that you were poor,

You can't walk in stark darkness and still sight your shadow following you at close quarters,

You can't have black lizards slithering all over your body and still remain as stoical as frozen ice,

You can't lick hard dirt and still find your tongue as clear as the transparent mirror,

You can't run like a whirlwind volcano and still feel your heart completely dormant in your chest,

You can't sway flirtatiously sighting every girl and still convince your wife that she was the only entity you revered,

You can't be oblivious to the first alphabet of English language and still imbibe every word of the colossal dictionary,

You can't live imprisoned behind the dingy brick wall and still inhale gallons of blissful air,

You can't keep looking at your watch every minute and still announce confidently that you weren't a trifle anxious,

You can't emulate every action happening beside you and still cognize yourself to be entirely independent,

You can't sit languidly in the air-craft to smoothly glide up the hill and still bellow at the top of your lungs that you clambered up all the treacherous slope standing on your toes,

You can't deluge your mouth completely with water and still want jewels to tumble out each time you spoke,

You can't have thorns adhered to all parts of your body and still feel yourself heavily soaked in spongy jelly,

You can't be a satanic barbarian chopping raw flesh and still imagine yourself to have created new life,

You can't bathe in a river of sweet honey and still want the bees to shirk away the instant they sighted you,

You can't lie breathless in the stone clad coffin and still come out bouncing
radiantly alive,

You can't have a reserved heart wandering materialistically and still fall madly in love,
And You cant strangulate your emotions; grope uncertainly in a land of cowardice and still lead life


My top most priority was my God; who had bestowed upon me the power to exist and holistically fight for my survival on the surface of this earth,

The next to follow in my life was my Mother; who actually gave me birth; evolving me in the first place to be what I was; at this very second today,

The next to follow in my life was my beloved; who harnessed the true potential lying dormant in my mind for years; triggering me of to achieve unsurpassable realms of success,

The next to follow in my life was my sister; with her innocuously mischievous grin; causing intense rejuvenation of my mind,

The next to follow in my life was my Godfather who played a pivotal role in providing his armory of experienced tips; whether I liked it or didn’t like it,

The next to follow in my life were my grandparents; whom I overwhelmingly adored; but at the same time the ones who tried to drown me into the ocean of their age old and stringently mundane theories,

The next to follow in my life was my pet dog; who incessantly wagged its tail in ecstatic jubilation; the instant I entered my dwelling,

The next to follow in my life were my selective bunch of friends; who always supported me in my times of bizarre affliction and inexplicable distress,

The next to follow in my life was my tiny little hutment; appearing as an inconspicuous speck of dirt amidst the dense camouflage of trees; yet providing me shelter to bear the ominous night,

The next to follow in my life were all the impeccably smiling children; whom I got a chance to encounter on the streets; and with whom I felt as if I had gone right back into my innocent childhood,

The next to follow in my life were all the birds perched on the grass laden meadows; enchanting me unrelentingly with their gorgeous singing,

The next to follow in my life were baby carrots sprouting in clusters in the perennial fields; which I merrily munched with gusto to placate my gluttony,

The next to follow in my life was the mesmerizing and boisterous river; in which I splashed indiscriminately and bathed my body for long hours in the morning,

The next to follow in my life were my sagacious teachers; who taught me to be prudent; judiciously execute every activity of living,

The next to follow in my life were all those who might have unknowingly crossed me on the path towards indefatigable struggle; illuminating my life with transient moments of laughter and joy,

The next to follow in my life was the infinite number of Poems I had embossed with my blood; which had imparted me insurmountable happiness as I metamorphosed each of my exotic dreams into reality,

The next to follow in my life was the century old deep well; from which I extracted pails of sparkling mineral water; to quench the insatiable thirst that tickled the burnt chords in my throat,

The next to follow in my life was my contemporary and ultra modern contraptions; the unfathomable perceptions I felt prey to every unveiling minute; to lead life like a king,

And the last of all priorities that followed in my life; was the modest bundles of currency stashed in my Bank account; and an inexorable urge to earn many more of these; to thereby give concrete form to all my fantasies; as well as the fantasies of all those which needed to be desperately satisfied.


As innocuous as the wail of a newly born infant; sleeping blissfully in his
airtight cradle,
As evanescent as the sun setting behind the mountains; giving way to the descending of night,
As nimble as the fleet footed squirrel; traversing night and day through hollow spaces of the tree,
As tender as a woman draped in pure silk; her embellished eyelids lowered a trifle in meek submission,
As redolent as the tendrils of the blossoming rose; shimmering in magnificent
color under orange rays of the Sun,
As impeccable as the spires of the Temple; towering harmoniously towards the
sky, Was my early childhood and past.

As speedy as the flying aircraft; cutting placid currents of breeze at electric velocity,
As boisterous as the kangaroo; taking two leaps at a time,
As rambunctious as the humming bee; buzzing discordant and loud at all times,
As tenacious as the milky white moon; profoundly illuminating the ghastly darkness,
As passionate as thunder clouds colliding in the cosmos; and the subsequent pelting down of torrential rain,
As pragmatic as commercial business; equating the intricate nuances of life,
Is my robustly rubicund youth and present.

As mystical as the unfathomable gorge; the echo reverberating loud and stringent across the valley,
As mysterious as the enigmas of the universe; infinite riddles of creation left unexplored,
As inexplicable as the sporadic shedding of leaves in autumn; the rendering of lush green landscapes into barren land,
As poignant as the hood of the serpent; its fangs snaring viciously in spell bound enchantment,
As uncanny as the underground volcano; with its dormant lava unpredictably circulating all around,
And I now leave it entirely on my omniscient creator to chisel my dreams; mold my destiny; unveil my near future.


If the small and inconspicuously tiny ant; could foment the mammoth elephant to collapse on the ground,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the dainty and fragile wave had the power all by itself to gradually culminate into the entire and colossal ocean,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the minuscule spider could spin its web again at thunderbolt speeds; even after it was viciously destroyed infinite number of times,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the man who was completely blind; bereft of indispensable centers of sight; could browse through boundless lines of Braille in a single day,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the frigid looking and slimy worm could build a mountain of mud; within just a matter of few hours; dexterously carrying small pints of sand on its back,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the newly born infant could win over a million hearts; without even uttering a word; just by the virtue of its innocuous smile,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the single and infinitesimal flame of candle could illuminate the entire cover of ghastly darkness; as it burnt waveringly inside the solitary hut,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the child horrendously orphaned since birth; could become the Prime Minister of his country one fine day,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the profoundly lazy and potbellied tortoise; could win the race even when competing with the whirlwind speed rabbit,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

If the miserably stone deaf beggar; could sing melodious songs of enchanting music; being oblivious to the most faintest trace of sound since his very birth,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?

And If the person even after being dead for infinite years; be immortally present everywhere through the spirit of his benevolent deeds,
Then tell me what reason had you to be afraid of life and lag behind?


Every tree standing lanky and towering on the hills; was once upon a time a minuscule seedling,

Every dog barking discordantly on the streets; was once upon a time an innocuous pup; yelping incoherently in the darkness all around,

Every bird soaring handsomely in the sky; was once upon a time a glistening
egg; incarcerated beneath soft twigs of the nest,

Every alligator slithering menacingly through the marshy swamps; was once upon a time an inconspicuous tadpole floating nimbly in still water,

Every desert sprawled over infinite territory; was once upon a time a small hillock of disdainfully colored mud,

Every star shimmering brilliantly in the cosmos; was once upon a time a tiny flame of glowing candle,

Every mountain towering domineeringly on the landscapes; was once upon a time an infinitesimal lump of clay,

Every tiger with a deafening growl philandering through the jungles; was once
upon a time an infantile cub; having bohemian paws without the slightest of nail,

Every leaf gargantuan in proportion and cascading from the tree; was once upon
a time; a raw bud extruding in clusters; proliferating by the hour,

Every volcano fulminating into sizzling fountains; was once upon a time a placid stream of molten liquid,

Every patch of ominous cloud in the sky; was once upon a time thin wisps of atmosphere,

Every slab of fortified wall; was once upon a time a finely pulverized blend of burnt stone,

Every large bone of the body; was once upon a time a profoundly squelched mass of intermingles flesh,

Every squall that swept thunderously across the city; was once upon a time a
droplet of saline tear that trickled down the cheek,

Every mass of lethal dynamite that exploded; was once upon a time an incongruous piece of lead,

Every wind that mightily blew in the monsoons; was once upon a time moist breath that flowed intermittently through the nostrils,

Every dinosaur trampling indiscriminately through the meadows; was once upon a time an obnoxiously scented insect,

Every mother surrounded blissfully by children; was once upon a time a freckled and embarrassed girl,

Every reptile profusely impregnated with poison; was once upon a time a stinging beetle,

And every man trespassing on the surface of land; trying to reign supreme over the entire earth; was once upon a time a particle of saw dust; simply a short stub of compressed thread; one out of the millions lying scattered in directions unprecedented.


The greatest comfort existing; is in the moist arms of the impeccable mother,

The greatest light existing; is the dazzling glow of the flamboyantly fiery Sun,

The greatest depth existing; is in the poignant eyes of your beloved,

The greatest salt existing; is in the undulating waters of the saline ocean,

The greatest blessing existing; is the one imparted by the impoverished heart,

The greatest noise existing; is the deafening roar of the fulminating volcano,

The greatest scent existing; is the one emanating profoundly from the redolent rose,

The greatest taste existing; is in the succulent cluster of ravishing plums,

The greatest length existing; is the colossal expanse of crystal blue sky,

The greatest dirt existing; is the massacre of the innocent and the deprived,

The greatest voice existing; is the enchanting sound of the nightingale,

The greatest hand existing; is the one that philanthropically helps others in times of distress,

The greatest color existing; is the one circumventing the resplendent rainbow,

The greatest water existing; is the one trapped delectably inside the hard skull of coconut,

The greatest language existing; is the one symbolizing humanity,

The greatest mirror existing; is the one intricately lining your soul,

The greatest perspiration existing; is the one that dribbled profusely after a hard days work,

The greatest joke existing; is that life is a bed of roses,

The greatest bye existing; was one executed by a dying soldier,

The greatest lie existing; is that man can live forever; and never die,
And the greatest truth existing; is unbiased love; the entity you solely continue
living for


He smiled as the milkman dropped milk; when usually he would swap his fingers menacingly at him; for arriving even a minute late,

He hoisted the dirty urchin high in his hands; when usually he would shoo all stray children running helter-skelter in the streets; with his stick,

He gave a handsome tip to the waiter; when usually he would scream at the top of his lungs for not being served properly,

He strolled bare chested in the sun-lit balcony; when usually he would adorn himself in the tightest of suit and glossy pant,

He danced rampantly in the rain outside; when usually he would stringently admonish all servants to shut the windows airtight; as soon as the first patch of black cloud lingered in the sky,

He ate the most piquant of chili; when usually he refrained from tasting even small pinches of common salt,

He talked loquaciously all day in a host of languages; when usually his moved his lips sternly; only when required,

He sat for hours on the bed of squalid grass; when usually he never transgressed on anything except shimmering slabs of pure marble,

He sipped chilled champagne with gay abandon; when usually he didn’t touch anything except Herbal tea,

He laughed thunderously at the slightest of joke; when usually he was far too stingy even on smiles,

He drove his car himself at lightening speeds; when usually he incorrigibly refused to leave the house ever; without his driver,

He left his wrists bare; gauging the time from position of the Sun; when usually he even slept the entire night with his watch strapped tightly,

He viewed television incessantly at strident volumes; when usually he preferred to brood desolately in solitude,

He sang romantic tunes from contemporary songs; when usually he always condemned and rebuked the advent of pop music,

He masticated at raw slices of poignant cucumber; when usually he commanded the cooks to boil his food to unprecedented limits,

He shook hands magnanimously with the peons; when usually he held a handkerchief stuffed snugly to his nose; to superficially avoid their odor while confronting them,

He let his hair descend down in wild streaks; when usually he made sure every morning that each follicle was combed and oiled; till its last root projecting from
his scalp,

He wore a loose and threadbare ragamuffin shirt; when usually he was embellished in silken fabric; with the most omnipotent of scent inundating every pore of his skin,

He even winked at witnessing lovers in the park; blessing them for their future lives to unfurl; when usually he put such trespassers behind iron bars of custody,

And today he forgave everyone he interacted with; lived life the way he did when he was just born; as he knew it that this was the last time he would ever see this marvelous earth; the last day of his life.


The inconspicuous little tadpoles kept fluttering their fins; hardly able to make any impact on the violent swirl of water,
While it was only the preposterously huge Blue Whale which gobbled all marine
life in vicinity; over-toppled the gargantuan ship; the instant it opened its jaw.

The diminutive stalks of grass swayed pretentiously; being mocked by the wind
every unfurling second; as they belted miserably under pressure,
While it was only the thick rooted tree; which not only bore the onslaught of
treacherous storm; but also granted loads of compassionate reprieve to the
frigid follicles.

The flames of the grandiloquent wax candle appeared insipid and weak; abysmally diminishing with the slightest draught of breeze leaking from the window,
While it was only the blistering fire that leapt high and handsome towards the
sky; charring everything that intermingled with its flow; blazing brilliantly in the darkness of the night.

The paltry spray of fountain was delectable to witness; although it subsided
completely when the tap was tightly shut,
While it was only the gigantic ocean with undulating waves that swelled and
rose; thunderously clashing with the uncouth chain of shining rocks.

The chirp of the sparrow was weak and fragile; hardly making an impact on
animate life prevailing in proximity,
While it was only the deafening roar of the majestic lion; that sent an everlasting echo through the entire jungle; put a standstill to all commotion; terrorizing philandering pranksters to the last bone of their spine.

The superficial string of bombs emitted clouds of frigid smoke after exploding; although they pathetically floundered in making any impact on the colossal structure,
While it was only the earthquake that devastated the entire city; sent mighty
buildings tumbling on the ground like a pack of plastic cards.

The fairy tale was embodied with a blend of flowery and disdainful spellings;
which were futile as they proved too frugal in tickling the mental imagery,
While it was only the comprehensive dictionary which encapsulated every word
spoken on the planet; that instantly triggered imagination and put the mind to
immediate work.

The effeminate whispers of the teachers; could hardly pacify the bustling
pandemonium in the classroom,
While it was only the stringent shout of the Principal that silenced them in
one shot; fomented infinite goose-bumps to creep up their skin.

And the Goldsmith banged his hammer thousands of times; but wasn’t able to
produce the most minuscule of indentation on the slab of frozen water,
While it was only when the rustic Barbarian thrashed the chunk with his heavy
axe; that the ice split into boundless splinters; and crystal water started
to painstakingly dribble down.


When I stood on the earth and stared at the sky; I wasn’t the least ruffled by what I saw; continuing to stroll at a leisurely pace humming a mystical tune,
While it was only when I peered down from the helicopter amidst the clouds;
that I felt an uncanny wave of fear grip my mind; the mind-boggling distance;
scaring the daylights out of my breath.

When I stood on the stony ground and sighted the building; I profoundly ridiculed the clothes flapping astray; with every draught of weak wind,
While it was only when I lowered my eyes down; kneeling my elbow against the
balcony of the 100th floor; that I almost did nature's call in my trousers; simply flabbergasted by the boundless depth separating me and the mud.

When I was born blind since birth; I could hardly perceive the benefits of vision; infact made a mockery of those who walked without a stick,
While it was only when I had a perfect pair of glistening eyes; witnessing the
ravishing beauty of Globe at close quarters; that I felt petrified to the last bone down my spine; everytime I envisaged of life without sight.

When I was as black as charcoal; the blistering rays of afternoon hardly having any producing effect on my ungainly complexion; I chortled loudly at people applying make-up creams to protect their skin,
While it was only when I was a snobbish alien; embodied with the color of a
white powdered angel; that I dreaded the aftermath of even taking a single step in Sunlight.

When I was transgressing on ground for several years without feet; I sympathized with people having bulging legs; infact quite happy to crawl delectably all around using my hands,
While it was only when I was a robust man; adorned in bombastic garment; that
I trembled at the tiniest mention of meeting with an accident; having to bear the tyranny of walking with crippled ankles life long.

When I was illiterate; signing every document with my back of my thumb; I was at blissful peace; unaware and miles away from the intricacies of this
manipulative world,
While it was only when I had accomplished the most stupendous of education;
had my wardrobe inundated with degrees from all corners of the world; that I
had nerve-wrecking dreams every night; of the consequences which would stab
me; if at all I lost my memory.

When I was philandering in the dark lanes; I slept like a demon on the park
benches; adapting the open cover of sky as my sole companion,
While it was only when I was snuggled comfortably under silken sheets; the glimmering lights of the palace; sequestering me from the outside dark and
chill; that I hiccupped incessantly; the instant I imagined my body bare chested; enveloped by the freezing winds of the Himalayas.

When I was overwhelmingly sad; struck by hysterical grief since my childhood;
I contemplated people pretentiously smiling around me to be the greatest of fools; unperturbed by the jokes they occasionally cracked,
While it was only when I was gifted with all the felicity; bounced in sheer
euphoria every unfurling second of the day; that I shivered uncontrollably;
when I thought of my existence without my beloved; plunging forever into the
corridors of gloom.

And when I was poor; endeavoring hard each day to fight for my bread; I was
the happiest man on this universe; as I had the capacity to fantasize about
the most greatest of riches; and was yet contented with the meager means I had
for survival,
While it was only when I was exorbitantly wealthy; having a battalion of cars
following me wherever I went; that I felt like I was dying every moment; with
the thought of all this affluence deserting me some day; and bathing my scalp
with raw shrubs of grass instead of perfumed shampoo; transforming me from a
Human into a lifeless commodity.


I wanted people to recognize me as a poet penning down volumes of mystical verse; not as a mundane businessman,

I wanted people to recognize me as true perspiration trickling in the Sun; not as the sleazy bottle of artificial scent,

I wanted people to recognize me as bare skin battling all seasons; not as gaudy cloth camouflaging every part of my demeanor,

I wanted people to recognize me as crystalline water cascading down the pristine slopes; not as obnoxious whisky bubbling gently in the barrels,

I wanted people to recognize me as raw power of muscle; not as radiating boxing gloves fitted snugly to my palms,

I wanted people to recognize me as milk naturally oozing from the cow; not as chunks of pallid ice-cream stored in the refrigerator,

I wanted people to recognize me as a ray of sun in the cosmos; not as bombastic gleam of the bulb piercing effeminately through the night,

I wanted people to recognize me as original hoarse voice; not as shrill tunes diffusing over the silver coated mike,

I wanted people to recognize me as impeccable eyes; not as slinky tint of Sunglasses blended with a myriad of beastly designs,

I wanted people to recognize me as a soldier; not as a parasitic leech suckling fodder from the rosy tree,

I wanted people to recognize me as a dreamy yawn fantasizing unrelentingly; not as matchbox steps leading to the corporate office,

I wanted people to recognize me as a stalk of grass with glistening dew drops; not as ghastly spray of fertilizer causing animate to perish in vicinity,

I wanted people to recognize me as wild undergrowths of the valley; not as the glittering castle carved out of polished sandstone,

I wanted people to recognize me as choppy waves of the ocean; not as disdainful ringing of the alarm clock at dawn,

I wanted people to recognize me as a nostalgic philanderer; not as the broker manipulating intricacies of the stock market,

I wanted people to recognize me as a vivacious rainbow draping the velvety sky; not as flickering lights of the modern disco,

I wanted people to recognize me a scarlet cluster of sensuous grapes; not as the meticulous array of white spoons and forks,

I wanted people to recognize me as my mothers son; not as a towering
entity garlanded with flowers,

And I wanted the world to recognize me as individual burning every second in
the blazing inferno of love; not as a cupid arranging marriages for couples
based on their horoscopes, caste and creed.


You may have washed your hands; cleaning them scrupulously of the most invisible of stain,
But what about the blood adhering to your heart; the several innocent whom you had beheaded without any rhyme or reason?

You may have eaten stupendously sizzling slices of mutton; masticating the morsels after blending them with handsome salt,
But what about the goat mother who bleated incessantly; after losing her only son, the only flesh she had delivered facing the grueling agony of long months?

You may have laughed the loudest in the crowd; propagating the same infectiously in pedestrians around you,
But what about the old man; who had to trip his footing in a slush of dirty sewage water; in order to cause you to smile?

You may have dressed in the most glamorous of coat and trousers; sprinkling your entire demeanor with an ocean of passionate scent,
But what about those tyrannized sheep who were left shivering in bizarre cold; after you uncouthly stripped their skins of their natural protection?

You may have spoken the most flowery speech on the mike; drawing loads of adulation from all those who were mesmerized by the beautiful essence in the lines,
But what about the writer whom you had incarcerated in the dungeons; after stealing his writing to stand tall and domineering?

You may have driven in the most contemporary of car; with its golden wheels traversing the meandering lanes of the hill like a galloping panther,
But what about the infinite stalks of fresh grass; the innocuous infants wandering around; whom you had trampled indiscriminately in your insatiable march towards victory?

You may have drunk cartons full of mineral water; quenching your thirst under the scorching sun of midday,
But what about those people reeling under severe drought; whose wells you had emptied to tingle the food in your stomach?

You may have lived for a 100 years; surviving on the most conventional of medicine and steroids,
But what about those innocent whom you had slaved; in order to clean every iota of dirt you spat on this earth?

And you may have loved; imprisoning every girl you set your eyes on with the
power of your wealth,
But what about all those billion lives you had assassinated; in order to satisfy
each desire of yours?


I didn’t need a pair of scissors; glistening wildly in yellow Sunlight,

I didn’t need a knife; protruding gallantly from the slender handle,

I didn’t need a hostile blade; with edges as sharp as a savage vulture,

I didn’t need after shave cologne; emanating a scent more stupendous than the rose,

I didn’t need a pungent slab of aluminum; having its surface as smooth as white ice,

I didn’t need a soft sponge; with its body profusely dipped in tingling antiseptic,

I didn’t need tablets of colored soap; evolving a bath of bubbles after vigorous scrubbing,

I didn’t need high pressured foam; diffusing into a stream of spicy froth the instant I compressed it,

I didn’t need long spools of cotton; triangular heaps of bandages to drape across my wounds,

I didn’t need shimmering tweezers of pure steel; to scrupulously pluck my hair,

I didn’t need sleazy colored dye; with its shade resembling rotten vegetables decaying in the dark,

I didn’t need a blow dryer; ejecting out tones of hot air at whirlwind speeds,

I didn’t need a barrel of vanity powder; to spuriously illuminate the contours of my face,

I didn’t need a bowl of moisturizing cream; to incessantly massage each pore of my skin,

I didn’t need sizzling face pads; to caress the breath flowing harmoniously out of my nose,

I didn’t need a mirror; to admire my reflection for marathon hours in the
scintillating glass incorporated within,

I didn’t even need to waste a single second more in the morning; reaching the office well before the boss came in,

And the strange thing was; that even if someone donated all the above contraptions to me completely free; I still would blatantly reject them,

By now you must be at the edge of your seats to know the secret of my existence; well the answer to this is more simpler than your voice; as I didn’t have even
the slightest of free space on my cheeks; or to put it more succinctly I was bearded


A single rotten apple with flies feasting on its succulent body; decays the entire ensemble of robust apples,

A single stain of black dye sprawling rampantly; spoils the beauty of the entire white fabric,

A single hole in its heavy and metallic body; uncouthly drowns the entire ship,

A single stream of venom oozing gently; contaminates the entire river of impeccable milk,

A single bit of sewage smelling fetidly; annihilates the beauty of the entire garden laden with blossoming petals,

A single virus in the blood stream; metamorphoses the individual from rubicund and healthy to insane and sick,

A single particle of dandruff loitering in animosity; pollutes the entire conglomerate of lustrous and shining hair,

A single nail overgrown and dirty; imperils the look of the entire palm embossed with mystical lines,

A single dark cloud in the cosmos; adulterates the entire sky which is blue and
crystal clear,

A single town clock running late; delays the life of the entire city; with most of the people yawning as the sun crept up in brilliant afternoon,

A single loophole in the house; entices the entire team of burglars to maraud at will; pilfer stealthily through closed doors at night,

A single crack in the bone; foments the entire leg to walk in contorted pain; limp across the road for mercy,

A single spark of white electricity; electrocutes the entire family; triggering the house to explode in volatile fury,

A single crease in the crisp shirt; debases the entire demeanor which was otherwise quite sparkling and flawless,

A single snore thunderously emanating; breaks the silence of tranquil and
blissful sleep,

A single shiver down the petrified spine; engenders the snake to pierce its lethal fangs and bite,

A single stroke of stringent red; disturbs the harmony of the otherwise splendid marksheet,

A single lie spoken; condemns a person beyond all anecdotes of his honesty,

And a single devil in the mind; not only ruins all the sanctity previously existing; but also finishes a person in mind, body and eternal soul.


All I want is a chain of thick gold adorning my neck,

All I want is a stream of white champagne to incessantly titillate my throat,

All I want is a swanky car that can transport me long distance, at the mere caress of a button,

All I want is a book of spell binding fairy tales, which flood my mind with intrigue and enigma,

All I want is a castle with towering walls, carved all over in delectable sandstone,

All I want is an appetizing meal of vegetable cherry, which makes me slaver till my last drop of saliva is exhausted,

All I want is a silken sheet of floss, draping my body in entirety,

All I want is golden globules of sweat, tingling me exotically as the cascaded down my nape,

All I want is swirling waves of the ocean, splashing their raw salt on my lips as they struck,

All I want is an ensemble of voluptuous reptile, lingering loosely from my scalp,

All I want is silver chained wrist watch, its dainty twinkling resonating in my ears all day long,

All I want is the rubicund apple sprouting from the tip of Mount Everest, bite through its body with gusty fervor,

All I want is a sparkling pillow impregnated with white pearls, the mysticism in their reflection drowning me into their splendor,

All I want is a candle with a perpetual glow, its resplendent radiance illuminating my ghastly night,

All I want is a dream that never ended, took me on a wild journey of waterfalls and snow clad penguins,

All I want is a pot-bellied tortoise, snuggling close to my heart when I was tense,

All I want is an ivory broomstick, which could fly me high and handsome towards blazing portions of the sky,

All I want is sizzling soup of spicy coriander, which caused tears of satisfaction to roll down my cheeks in tandem,

All I want is a robust pigeon perched languidly on the rooftop; fluttering its wings to produce delectable draughts of air,

All I want is immaculate milk; bombastic chunks of cream floating in a silver bowl,

All I want is peanut butter; with its dazzling slices of yellow tingling the most remotest bud of my taste,

All I want is a ravishing watermelon; titillating my tongue beyond the point of no control,

All I want is long sheets of flawless paper; to embed its surface with a million lines of poetry,

All I want is a mind functioning unrelentingly; fantasizing even while in deep sleep,

All I want is a dolphin diving handsomely in the pool; with its glistening fins splashing across my face; sprinkling it with imprisoned droplets of water,

All I want is a multi-legged octopus; spreading its tentacles the instant I gently tapped it,

All I want is a snake leather whip; emanating exotic noises as I dared to slash the warm air with it,

All I want is a dawn encompassing me with its voluptuous coolness; refraining to develop into the hostile day,

All I want is a glass full of dewdrops; to be placed beside my morning plate of bread and breakfast,

All I want is a cat with furry skin; purring across my chest in my times of distress,

All I want is a hunch-backed camel gazing at me amicably; flooding my nostrils with its natural scent,

All I want is a gargantuan brass bell; punctuating the atmosphere with stringent tunes,

All I want is a trouser embossed with golden buttons; as long as the terrain of the Himalayas,

All I want is a crystal globe; that depicted my future as every second unleashed into a wholesome minute,

All I want is a bottle replete with inebriating rum; which overflowed even after I had consumed the last bit of it,

All I want is a road which transited me without walking the slightest; to the place where the Sun met the land,

All I want is a field sprawling over infinite hectares of land; in which there grew only rotund buds of mushroom,

All I want is a word that was the longest; and which didn't exist in the
most contemporary of dictionary,

All I want is a dungeon stashed with golden biscuits; with their shine tearing apart all premonitions of poverty and disgrace,

All I want is an academic degree of the highest pedigree and status; without even slogging it a single hour in the day,

All I want is a necklace sewn with a myriad of pearls; attached to innumerable oysters live and breathing alive,

All I want is eyes with lids of the most toughest of steel; ensuring that I didn’t become blind even in an atmosphere swirling with pugnacious thorns,

All I want is a bohemian hand; which could snap a mountain of iron bricks in a
single stroke,

All I want is a scintillating telephone; on which I could converse for hours without
it being actually connected,

All I want is an enigmatic herb; which could keep me eternally young and with brilliant black hair even after I crossed 100,

All I want is a spring; which kept on bouncing and rebounding; thereby making me uncontrollably laugh,

All I want is cocoons of golden brown potatoes; roasted delectably over in
crackling fires,

All I want is clusters of red cherries; with handsome porcupines crawling nimbly on their surface,

All I want is silver crested stars of the cosmos; to profoundly illuminate my
every night,

All I want is pinnacle of every mountain existing; to rest in meek submission on my worktable desktop,

All I want is a wild elephant; which swishes tones of water merrily all around with its trunk,

All I want is a frozen slice of bread; that delectably melts in my mouth stimulating me profoundly all throughout the day,

All I want is a rainbow dissipated into infinite colors; lingering mystically in my eyeball,

All I want is a liquid that makes me completely invisible; imparts me with the power to trespass with supreme ease; even into the house of the president,

All I want is a bird that perches compassionately on my shoulders; drifts me into a blissful slumber rhyming harmoniously in my ears,

All I want is an army of mosquitoes bereft of venom; tingling each pore of my skin; with every bite of theirs,

All I want is a shirt sewn with glittering diamonds; which I used as a substitute for my mirror; whenever I felt the urge to sight my reflection,

All I want is a room so obsolete and remote; that I could distinctly hear even the sound of my breath,

All I want is a ring embedded with a magical stone; that turned my fortunes dramatically; a few hours after wearing it,

All I want is a whale fish as tall as the sky; which would let me marvel each part of its glistening body; feel its royal snout with my bare fingers,

All I want is a pool full of steaming water; with droplets of cascading wine revitalizing each patch of my dead skin,

All I want is an echo reverberating deafeningly through the valley; that reached out to every entity; sprawled across different quarters of the globe,

All I want is a hive of discordantly buzzing humming bees; oozing sweet nectar; slowly caressing my lips on their periphery as it fell,

All I want is a slogan; that encapsulates all sentences ever penned down in this world,

All I want is a key; that decodes with supreme ease through the most impregnable of lock,

All I want is a solvent; that makes me wholesomely invisible the instant I sprinkle it on my skin,

All I want is teeth of obdurate steel; that can crack the most hardest of nut,

All I want is a brimming cup of revitalizing tea; that incorrigibly refrains to get cold; even when I neglect it for days on the trot,

All I want is a plane; that flies on pure spit and water; so that each drop of my saliva is gainfully utilized,

All I want is a gun; that shoots boundless bullets of wild raspberry; the instant I pressed the trigger,

All I want is a greeting card; that sings mesmerizing rhymes and stares into my eyes for real,

All I want is strawberry cake; as long in length as the Himalayas,

All I want is a ball that bounces to the 100th floor; after I nimbly threw it on the ground,

All I want is moustache; which sparkled better than diamonds in day; had more hair in it than my scalp,

All I want is dwelling; that doesn’t budge even an inch; even after the mightiest of earthquake; the most tumultuous of bombardment,

All I want is a magic wand; which metamorphoses all chunks of decaying sewage into glittering gold,

All I want is an abuse; that single handedly replicated all evil loitering in this world,

All I want is a ship; that doesn’t topple even when attacked by a battalion of hostile sharks,

All I want is robot; that comprehends each desire of mine; without even me uttering a single word,

All I want is passionate fires; which keep circulating inexorably in my blood; even after I became abysmally old,

All I want is a pen; which kept engendering me to write; with the ink in its body augmenting; with each verse of mine,

All I want is tongue; that kept resonating in my mouth; even while in deep sleep,

All I want is ears; which could detect the most inconspicuous of sound; sitting even a million kilometers away from the point where the pin actually dropped,

All I want is a ghost; whom only I could sight at night; hoisting me high and handsome in the cosmos; near my dead ancestors,

All I want is caverns deep down the ocean; with frozen icicles suspended from their roof; voraciously tickling the last breath of mine,

All I want is a blueprint; which can decode the most baffling enigmas of life,

All I want is a field replete with fresh cowdung; collected from all species of animals wandering on this globe,

All I want is a rope; which caught me my prey; as I languidly tossed it in free air,

All I want is a tomato as gargantuan as the dinosaur; which ripped apart into infinite pieces of juice; the moment I sat on it,

All I want is a chair; that transported me right into the realms of paradise; the instant I sat on it,

All I want is a mischievous child; audaciously carrying on the chapter of my existence,

All I want is a girl; who could love me more than myself; make me feel every unfurling second that I was indeed alive,

All I want is true love; bask in its immortal glory for decades immemorial,

Well I think I have bored you enough; caused you to yawn several times; as the list is endless; the entire world is rampantly revolving in my brain, and my fantasies to unveil are tremendously boundless to be contained in this plain text; so let me instead sign off by saying that all I want is everything .


Why were you smiling spuriously; when actually you were completely shattered from inside?

Why were the trees blissfully casting their shadows; when actually they felt that they would wither away?

Why was the sun shining; when actually it felt that it would submerge into a pool of darkness?

Why was the rose blossoming handsomely towards the sky; when actually every droplet of its juice was being savagely sucked by the parasite?

Why were the birds chirping melodiously; when actually their nests were completely destroyed?

Why were the waves simmering placidly; when actually they were soon to be enveloped by a tumultuous storm?

Why was it raining; when actually the clouds had faded decades ago?

Why were the fish swimming gleefully; when actually they knew that they were going to be devoured by a hostile shark the very next moment?

Why were the eyes radiant; when they were actually going to be besieged by wholesome blindness within a few seconds?

Why was the car traversing like a prince; when actually it was going to plummet into the steep valley; as soon as it reached the bridge?

Why were the fires blazing vivaciously towards the sky; when actually they were going to blend with loose mud; as soon as the rain came down?

Why was the businessman busy in millions of dollars worth of business deals; when actually he had lost completely in matters of the heart?

Why was the rainbow shimmering bombastically in the cosmos; when it actually was going to fade away into thin wisps of oblivion; as soon as the clouds gathered in?

Why were the buildings standing fortified; tall; and domineering; when actually they were going to be reduced to inconspicuous rubble; with meager strokes of the devastating earthquake?

Why was the mosquito greedily sucking blood; when actually it was going to get perennial rest in the lizards stomach very soon?

Why was the ghost wandering in the dilapidated mansion; when he actually knew that he had left for his heavenly abode centuries ago?

Why did a human being consider himself God at times; when he actually couldn't even guess; as to what was happening just a few centimeters behind his back?

Why was the old lady shouting exuberantly at the top of her lungs; when she was actually going to relinquish breath any second; due to diminishing old age?

And why was I living; showing the world my stoical demeanor; working like a machine as If I wasn't the least affected; when in fact I actually knew that I
had died long ago; and what people saw outside; was just a skeleton of mine; without mind; body and spirit?

17. MOOD

When I was in a good mood; the elevator seemed to be made of pure gold; transporting me towards the cotton wool of clouds in the sky,
While when I was in a bad mood; the same lift seemed to resemble a hideous snake; trying to strangulate me to death with its snaring jaws.

When I was in a good mood; the verdant patches of soil looked mesmerizing; with vivacious stalks of grass appearing splendid to sight in the backdrop of the valley,
While when I was in bad mood; the same fields of grass looked like sinking sand; ready to suckle me and blend me with century old dungeons beneath land.

When I was in a good mood; the upper story’s of the building; looked like biscuits of pure silver; shimmering profoundly under the Sun,
While when I was in a bad mood; the same floors appeared to be boxes of broken matchsticks; badly distorted and just on the verge of collapsing down.

When I was in a good mood; the Sun seemed to be a blazing ball of fire; flamboyantly permeating every rotting cranny of insipid earth,
While when I was in a bad mood; the same appeared as an acrid island of acid; charring every soul trespassing on mud; to inconspicuous ash.

When I was in a good mood; the waves of the ocean seemed majestic; rising and falling delectably with each current of enchanting wind;
While when I was in a bad mood; the assemblage of waters appeared to be ghastly blood; engulfing each puff of my breath with brutal perceptions of hell.

When I was in a good mood; the watch on my wrist; looked like a marvel of technology; apprising me accurately of the changing seasons and night,
While when I was in a bad mood; the contraption seemed wholesomely apalling; depicting to me the seconds left until my death.

When I was in a good mood; people hovering around me; looked like immaculate angels; bestowing upon me their mystical touch,
While when I was in a bad mood; the same humans seemed to be ghosts just arisen from their coffins; staring at me with animosity; as if to gobble me up with their eyes.

When I was in a good mood; the fishes swimming in the glass aquarium; looked like fairies having descended from the sky,
While when I was in a bad mood; the same seemed like mammoth sized sharks; hurtling at lightening speeds for the veins of my throat.

When I was in a good mood; the picture I viewed on television; seemed to be a stupendous piece of art; enamoring me to the last bone in my spine,
While when I was in a bad mood; the same appeared to be a boring documentary; like a million needles piercing me from all sides.

And when I was in a good mood; life seemed beautiful & fascinating; wonderful and animated; bubbling with tremendous euphoria and excitement; as each dawn unveiled into darkness,
While when I was in a bad mood; it struck me viciously like infinite deaths together; embedding and replacing every ounce of enthusiasm in my mind; with the seeds of treacherous negativity.


The ideal height is the one; that can stand tall and domineering in a crowd bustling with infinite number of unruly pedestrians,

The ideal weight is the one; that can facilitate a person to sprint like a panther; even in the most obsolete of his dreams,

The ideal skin is the one; which can bear the brunt of sweltering Sun; as well as be unflinching in the winds of freezing winter,

The ideal feet are ones; which assist the wanderer to step even on smoldering fires,

The ideal eyes are the ones; which emanate a glimmer to live; even when tightly closed,

The ideal hand is the one; that defends you singlehandedly; imparting you with the tenacity to lead life; even when confronted with a battalion of thorns,

The ideal tongue is the one; that oscillates to produce voice; silences its critics as and when required,

The ideal stomach is the one; which scrupulously digests food; keeps itself well in proportion; to stand good stead in front of the acerbic society,

The ideal cheeks are the ones; which blush sporadically; adding tinges of robust vibrancy to the otherwise pallid atmosphere,

The ideal thumb is the one; which punches the air in triumph to announce irrevocable victory,

The ideal armpits are the ones; which remain submerged in silver perspiration; after performing an arduous days work,

The ideal shirt is the one; which scintillates impeccably; even after passing through the dust storm,

The ideal tooth is the one; that chews indefatigably; till the last bud of taste is appeased and satisfied,

The ideal hair is the one; which cascades down in splendid harmony; shimmering majestically under the moon,

The ideal nail is the one; that scratches like a wild cat; embedding the attackers flesh with numerous numbers vicious wounds; in order to survive,

The ideal walk is the one; which perpetuates the head to be always held high,

The ideal prayer is the one; which asks God to bestow upon his masses the virtue of brotherhood and equality,

The ideal religion is the one; which since years unprecedented has always respected humanity,

The ideal philosophy is the one; which allows to live and to blissfully let live,

The ideal pleasure is the one; which spreads a smile to the faces of all those afflicted and in bizarre pain,

The ideal sacrifice is the one; in which you abdicate breath for the sake of million different souls to be born,

The ideal love is the one; in which one is prepared to die for the other,

The ideal breath is the one; which evolves passionate moisture in the air after caressing it,

And the ideal heart is the one; which never ceases to beat; throbs violently; each time when given doses of love.


Even as I felt that I had sown seeds in my entire field; and felt waves of contentment wholesomely entrench my persona,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me of the barren lands nearby which were yet to ploughed.

Even as I felt that I had earned exorbitant amounts of wealth; inundating my treasury with infinite number of gold coins,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me that there were still countless number of people lying naked in the chilly cold; and who desperately needed my help.

Even as I felt that I had written unfathomable volumes of literature; simply didn’t need to emboss a single word further,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me that there were innocent roaming illiterate on the streets; who needed to be taught; who needed my help to learn and write.

Even as I felt that I had walked unsurpassable distance by foot; conquering astronomical peaks of all mountains towering higher than the clouds,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me that there were boundless boys and girls who were helplessly limp; and who needed my assistance to help them to walk without sticks.

Even as I felt that I had consumed the best of food; had eaten every possible dish every existing or made in this world,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me that there were countless number of beggars crying hoarsely by the river side; starved to unprecedented; and awaiting my presence frantically to be fed.

Even as I felt that I had worn the most gorgeous of fabric; adorned my persona in the most exquisite of attire found on this globe,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me that there were innumerable number of destitutes; hiding their flesh in embarrassment from this uncouth world; and whose bodies were waiting all night and day; to be encompassed by my surplus cloth.

Even as I felt that I had gulped the most exotic of wine; drowned my body into unprecedented tremors of voluptuous excitement,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me of the millions of people scorching in the drought ridden desert; needed just few droplets from my rivers overflowing with water.

Even as I felt that I had dated the girl of my dreams; eventually marrying her to bind us in the bonds of immortal romance,
There was a corner of my mind which didn’t allow me to rest; reminding me of the thousands of impoverished hearts; who were left stranded in solitude; and who needed me to impregnate in them just fractions of my love.

And even as I felt that I had lived life to its fullest capacity; and now needed to die blending my breath blissfully with the Creator,
There was a corner of my mind which still didn’t allow me to rest; as there were unlimited numbers of children being born every second in each quarter of the globe; who were required to be fed with pearls of wisdom I had acquired in this lifetime; and who needed a pillar to support their nimble foundations which had just taken life.


When I wore a pant with only half a button; I had to abashingly clutch it with both hands; every time I rose from my seat,

When I sat under only half a tree; the pugnacious rays of the Sun unsparingly struck me from all quarters,

When I wrote only half a line; I found encompassed with overwhelming bankruptcy; as my neighbors filled in the rest of the amount; and made merry till eternity,

When I ate only half the food; my stomach initially felt nice; but cried incessantly for the remainder of the night; when struck with pangs of starvation and hunger,

When I walked in only half a shoe; I felt obnoxious pebbles tickle my feet; barbaric thorns infiltrate into my flesh every second,

When I boarded only half a plane; I found myself in my coffin soon; as it stormed ruthlessly into the ocean a few minutes after taking off,

When I read only half the advertisement; I found myself sweeping the corridors of a multinational company; which I had visited; presuming to become a senior employee,

When I saw only half the dream; I felt bereaved and deprived the entire day to follow; as I yet and fervently awaited for the princess to arrive,

When I chopped only half the tree; I initially lazed blissfully under its shade; but soon found the remaining monstrous wood; tumble down towards my skull with a creaking & thunderous noise,

When I bathed only half my body; there were people laughing at me on every corner of the street; as some part of me was as black as coal; while some was pearly white,

When I cried only half a tear; my eyes metamorphosed to swollen and black; and I found it exceedingly difficult to keep them open and sight,

When I closed only half the door; the thieves entered my dwelling merrily in the night; stole with gay abandon; what they had always dreamt of,

When I dug the foundation to only half of its depth; the building collapsed like a ball of soft cotton on the very next day; with the slightest draught of wind kissing its exteriors,

When I gave only half a punch; my adversary thought as if I was cuddling him; and wasted no time in pulverizing me to raw dust; to blend with the soil,

When I penned down only half the book; the audience burnt my effigy in volatile fury on the streets; being severely anguished at being deprived of the ending,

When I heard with only half my ear; the ferocious lion tore me apart to pieces; as I wholesomely unaware when he furtively crept from behind; and capsized me by my collar,

When I swam using only half my arms; the perilously swirling waves of the ocean eventually drowned me to the bottom; and I was squelched to raw pulp by the ominously gliding shark,

When I quelled down only half the fire; the smoldering flames gradually gained impetus in the night; viciously charred every part of my body; including the entire forest,

When I loved only half a girl; I was never able to procreate my progeny in this world; miserably dithered to continue the chapter of existence,

And when I lived life only half hearted; I failed at every step I took; and success always seemed a mountain above; even after I had clambered the
previous one.


I hated flamboyant parties; strident and sleazy music diffusing from the contemporary discotheque,

I hated drinking mineral water in scintillating glasses of silver; sighting my reflection in polished exteriors of the same,

I hated swanky cars transporting me at whizzing speeds; embellished attendants spuriously smiling; inviting me to enter the same,

I hated glittering restaurants adorned with a festoon of lights; waiters making their clients laugh; just for the sake of being showered with exorbitant tips,

I hated the overwhelmingly scented businessman; whose ideals infact smelt more than the most rotten stack of sewage,

I hated the word thank you; when the person uttering it actually had intentions of killing you; profoundly lurking in his eyes,

I hated masticating my food infinite times before gulping; an armory of intricate knives and oval shaped spoons laid meticulously on the table,

I hated it when someone welcomed me with a myriad of garlands and golden coins; ordered a battalion of attendants to fan me; at every step I took,

I hated going up the hill in shimmering escalators; when infact the meandering pathways would drown me into a state of mystical enchantment,

I hated sitting in the air-conditioned room; with scores of commercial delegates blowing ostentatious wisps of smoke; obnoxiously into thin air,

I hated shaking hands without any sense; as a stream of visitors kept barging in
the colony all day,

I hated speaking baselessly and in deliberate slang; when infact the rustic language of my country was splendidly enough to express my feelings; put me in unprecedented ease at all times,

I hated nibbling tangy gum and acting snobbish; youngsters who blew their fathers money; without the slightest of contemplation and hesitancy,

I hated the conventional ways of marriage with people from distant countries thronging in; when infact the hearts of those tying the thread were poles apart,

I hated the toothbrush with an ensemble of curves and spongy rubber; when infact I had the medicinal branches of the blossoming Neem tree; to clean my teeth and my cheeks,

I hated individuals who praised me; escalated me to the pinnacle of Everest with their flattery; when infact there was a river of prejudice flowing in their flesh everywhere; instead of crimson blood,

I hated the priests who propagated only their respective religions; when infact God was omnipresent; and resided in every heart and soul,

I hated all those parents who spoke to their children in English instead of their own indigenous languages; just because it was prevalent like wild fire all over the globe,

I hated artificial sweetener added to juice; when infact its original flavor was incredulously ravishing to sip and relish,

Well until now I presume; you must have already understood what sort of a person was I; and for those of you who have not; let me tell you; that I was a man who hated all kinds of bombastic pretensions; infact a man of no formality .


The Sun had never seemed so brilliant before; with its pungent rays streaming through the eerie darkness,

The winds had never seemed so exciting before; whizzing past my scalp in nervous exhilaration,

The leaves had never seemed so greener before; with the dew drops on their surface shimmering profoundly in the morning light,

The voice of the Nightingale had never seemed so melodious before; drifting me into waves of unparalleled rhapsody,

The river had never seemed so buoyant before; with the swirling waters; culminating into tons of froth as I whistled by,

The meadows of grass had never seemed so blossoming before; with the mystical camouflage drowning me into an ocean of enchantment,

The clouds in the cosmos had never seemed so robust before; with each patch of cotton wool resembling chunks of rejuvenating ice-cream,

The echo in the valley had never seemed so thunderous before; engendering a billion droplets of dry sweat to envelop my body,

The trio of rabbits leaping through the pastures had never seemed so boisterous before; innocently bouncing over the pathway of shriveled twigs,

The children dancing on the dance floor had never seemed so pepped up before; gyrating their bodies to the tunes of vivacious wild life,

The sizzling slices of bread had never seemed so ravishing before; rekindling even the most dormant taste bud down my throat,

The designs embossed on the walls of the caves had never seemed so realistic before; as if events which had happened centuries ago were unfurling bit by bit before my eyes,

The peacock under pelting rain had never seemed so majestic before; with the kingly plumage of its feathers captivating me in complete mind, body and soul,

The boats sailing on the sea had never seemed so magnificent before; with the stars shimmering resplendently in the sky engulfing them with silvery light,

The tears of the new born infant had never seemed so emphatic before; with their mesmerizing softness making my heart leap in exultation,

The ring on my finger had never seemed so glistening before; with the rays emanating from its demeanor adding a glitter to my morbid eyes,

The body of my beloved had never seemed so tantalizing before; with each area on her skin; enticing me to coalesce into an everlasting embrace,

The lap of my mother had never seemed so warm and compassionate before; luring me into invincible and heavenly sleep,

And the photo of my God had never seemed so radiant before; with his omnipotent aura firmly reinstating my lost faith in all mankind,

O! yes after a tired day in the office; slaving more than 12 hours under my pretentious boss's nose; the world outside seemed as if it was recreated again; and things which seemed like wholesomely dead in office hours; now struck me as if they were bouncing and alive; as if they had been just born.


A thousand heads surged forward; whizzing at electric speeds past the assemblage of dense trees,

A thousand mouths heaved a sigh of relief; releasing tones of frustrated spit imprisoned inside,

A thousand fists punched free air; pounded the vibrant space around in unmatched exhilaration,

A thousand eyes glistened in happiness; oozing out tears of unsurpassable joy,

A thousand hearts throbbed thunderously; executing several beats at a time,

A thousand legs kicked gallons of loose mud; probed forward in unrelenting euphoria,

A thousand tongues swished in boisterous fervor; expressing tales of new found adventure,

A thousand lips opened in volatile fury; with exultating sounds of complete triumph reverberating loud and clear through the atmosphere,

A thousand watches ticked astoundingly fast; increasing their pace infinite times more than usual,

A thousand armpits diffused an ocean of sweat; with each droplet trickling down; merrily under the austere and blazing Sun,

A thousand fingers rose animatedly towards the heaven; thanking the Almighty lord in unanimous unison,

A thousand ears sprang up in stupendous arousal; regaining back their ability to trace the most minutest of sound; a thing which had relinquished for the last few minutes,

A thousand shirts suddenly started to flutter passionately; gaining momentum with each slap of vivacious breeze,

A thousand pair of hair stood up erect in alacrity on the scalp; with all the dreariness encompassing them; now disappearing into invisible wisps of oblivion,

A thousand bones commenced to dance in ecstatic jubilation; suddenly retrieving back their energy after long minutes of boring rest,

A thousand veins transported blood faster than the shark; augmenting its supply to the heart; thoroughly charged by the noise of unruly traffic and stridently
clanging horns,

A thousand bellows of smoke escalated ferociously towards the sky; as motion began once again with unprecedented ardor,

A thousand wheels gushed forward in uncontrollable anger and respite; as the accelerator was squeezed incorrigibly to its maximum limit,

And strangely but profoundly true; the reason for all the above pandemonium was an almost inconspicuous movement of the traffic bulb; which had just changed from red to green.


The worst thing that could have happened to a fish; was that it fell innocently in the midst of the sweltering desert instead of slithering voluptuously in its tank,

The worst thing that could have happened to a cockroach; was that it found itself perched at the top of a kingly throne; instead of feasting its tentacles on the foul smell of the lavatory,

The worst thing that could have happened to a loaded gun; was that it found itself hurled right into the heart of the salty sea; instead of firing a pugnacious volley of bullets,

The worst thing that could have happened to a cow; was that it was placed in an ambience engulfed with rotten garbage; instead of wandering blissfully on the
pristine and green slopes,

The worst thing that could have happened to a tongue; was that it was dipped mercilessly into fuming water; instead of sipping delectable pints of herbal tea,

The worst thing that could have happened to a bee; was that it was compelled to swim in a pond replete with saliva; instead of boisterously evolving gallons of
sweet honey in its hive,

The worst thing that could have happened to a soldier; was that he was stationed to feed new born children; instead of fighting valiantly in the battlefield of war,

The worst thing that could have happened to a cloud; that it was brutally dissipated by invidious space crafts; instead of coalescing into a dense conglomerate; and showering tantalizing droplets of rain,

The worst thing that could have happened to an eyeball; was getting exposed to a field of acrimonious thorns; instead of imparting it with an incessant stream of revitalizing moisture,

The worst thing that could have happened to a golden ring; was that it was gruesomely dumped several feet beneath the earth; instead of scintillating magnificently under pearly rays of the majestic moon,

The worst thing that could have happened to a priest; was drifting inevitably towards salacious desires; instead of inexorably drowning the mind, body and soul; in the service of Almighty Lord,

The worst thing that could have happened to the feet; was to walk on blistering embers of fire; instead of stepping on a carpet of flocculent silk and Persian

The worst thing that could have happened to a slab of ice; was being kept on the fire sizzling full throttle; instead of basking away in the interiors of the glorious refrigerator,

The worst thing that could have happened to a building; was that it was constructed in the zone of the devastating earthquake; instead of standing tall and fortified on chunks of healthy soil,

The worst thing that could have happened to the gargantuan bubble of soap; was that it was pierced a few seconds after it rose; instead of swelling profoundly and proliferating many other of its kind in the atmosphere,

The worst thing that could have happened to a child; was to get orphaned as soon as he took birth; instead of frolicking merrily in the arms of his mother,

The worst thing that could have happened to seasoned sticks of firewood; was bearing the brunt of unrelenting rain and culminate into a rot; instead of igniting into crackling flames in the starry night,

The worst thing that could have happened to a car; was stuttering every minute while clambering up the hills; instead of whizzing through the mystical lanes of the valley at kingly speeds,

The worst thing that could have happened to a contemporary watch; was to stop ticking; instead of accurately depicting time every unfurling second of the day,

And the worst thing that could have happened to me was; sitting like a moron in the office; browsing through a labyrinth of bulky files and papers; instead of gallivanting on the hills with my beloved; and simultaneously penning down emphatically enchanting lines of poetry.


Till the time there was brilliant light; there existed the spell of gruesome darkness,

Till the time there was perennial happiness; there existed the blanket of dolorous sadness,

Till the time there was voluptuous wine drowning you into enchantment;
there existed stark starvation,

Till the time there was the swirling and vivacious ocean; there existed the scorching deserts,

Till the time there was the ravishing slice of pudding; there existed the blunt and disdainful mountain of stones,

Till the time there was unprecedented security and comfort; there existed
nefarious theft,

Till the time there were impeccable slabs of marble which were spotlessly clean; there existed the horrendous stains of grease,

Till the time there was the king seated on the supremely embellished throne; there existed his battalion of docile slaves,

Till the time there was a wave of ultra modernization circulating in this world; there existed indigenous and rustic tribes,

Till the time there was succulent flesh and mesmerizing fraternities of skin; there existed the morbid corpse lying buried beneath the coffin,

Till the time there was alacrity and unrelenting work under the sunshine; there existed blissful and spell binding sleep,

Till the time there was obstreperous sound and thunderous noise; there existed virtue of pin drop silence,

Till the time there were tantalizing droplets of rain cascading on the earth; there existed the fury of uncouth drought,

Till the time there were tenacious and fortified slabs of colossal timber lined up towards the heavens; there existed a series of pertinent gaps and holes,

Till the time there were fields of scintillating white fur encapsulating the countryside; there existed the obnoxiously black flow of the gutter,

Till the time there were exotic dreams revolving vividly through each strata of the mind; the power to fantasize escalated to its highest; there existed complete insanity and madness,

Till the time there was pure love impregnated wildly in each iota of the body; there existed blasphemous betrayal,

Till the time there was delectable taste arising on the buds of the rosy tongue; there existed pools of colorless saliva strewn pathetically on the streets,

And till the time there was moist breath descending down the nostrils; life going on in harmony with the Creator; there existed inevitable pain and absolute death.


It produced a melodious sound on emanating; flooding the gloomy ambience with profound tinges of rhapsody,

It awoke the squirrels fast asleep in the dense bushes; as they scampered helter-skelter to hunt for their prey,

It generated ripples amongst clusters of dead leaves; making them stand erect on their frigid tips,

It substantially pacified the uncontrollably sobbing child; fomenting a gregarious smile to spread on his innocuous face,

It engendered scores of youngsters sulking under the Sun; to dance and swirl ecstatically with the vivaciously drifting winds,

It penetrated like a sugar coated arrow through the stillness of the valley; circulating delectably through every dwelling,

It captivated the attention of every single passerby; causing them to blink their eyes in utter astonishment and disbelief,

It had an incredulous impact on the dolphins floating in the sea; causing them to somersault in animated exhilaration,

It was prolifically used amongst gangs of ominous thieves; as a subtle signal to furtively communicate,

It had a mesmerizing effect on the severely traumatized nerves of the mentally afflicted; allowing them slim moments of reprieve from their debilitating and crippling condition,

It gave the tongue a versatile opportunity to use itself; in the most dexterous way possible and to the fullest,

It proved as an excellent alternative for a person who didn’t remember even a single line of the song; and yet had all the desire in the world to loudly sing it,

It had the velvety grace of a shadow; as well as the hostility of a valiant scream well blended together,

It lit an ethereal ray of hope in the eyes of the man dying; as he felt it poignantly infiltrate into his ears,

It reinstated loads of rejuvenation and confidence in a person just about to appear for an interview; as he executed it audaciously before entering the boss's cabin,

It broke all the awkwardness and formality between two politicians; once they did it before sitting to settle their country's difference,

It was infact the best and most consummate way; in which a dumb man could communicate for long distances; after using just a trifle of his wind,

And the best thing about it was; that it was the surest and sweetest signal to entice a girl's heart; when several others of its kind had miserably failed,

Now could you have ever envisaged in the most wildest of your dreams; that a thing as inconspicuous as a tiny whistle; was able to achieve what the most stupendous of remedies couldn’t? Infact just an infinitesimal bellow of limp breath could have produced such a drastic effect on all mankind.


It suddenly told me to lick the road with my tongue; when I was blissfully driving enchanted by the melody in the air and the surroundings,

It ordered me to eat a blanket of thorns without flinching the slightest; as I was wholesomely lost in my dreams under the enigmatic tree shade,

It told me to soak my head into fetid pools of gutter water; when I was busy sipping voluptuous pints of sugarcane rum in the corridors of the rustic country bar,

It told me to poke my neighbors with sizzling rods of iron; enjoy the agonizing scene that unfurled; as I placidly playing cards with my wife at midnight,

It told me to jump from the aircraft without strapping a parachute on my body; as I lost in due admiration of the cotton cocoon of blue clouds dazzling voluptuously in the morning light,

It told me to chew balls of steel with stupendous relish; when I was toiling in the fields; waiting anxiously for my crops to reap,

It told me to cut my finger with the gleaming knife; when I was writing a letter to my impeccable beloved,

It told me to cross the street when the lights were still red; brandishing my body against scores of whirlwind vehicles; as I was milking the cow for my morning breakfast,

It told me to hurl out a volley of abashing abuse to the President; when I was infact munching popcorn and watching television,

It told me to bathe in steaming acid use vicious scorpion instead of soap; as I engrossed in bulky files and heaps of paper at office,

It told me to play hide and seek with the diabolical shark; as I blew the ensemble of candles on my birthday cake,

It told me to bash my head umpteenth times against the wall; as I was traversing merrily through the hills; with the girl of my dreams sitting on my shoulder,

It told me to leap up to the sky and steal all the stars; as I addressing the entire planet on the National network,

It told me to swallow the venomous lizard wandering through the thick jungles; as I was sitting in rapt attention; with my eyes focussed towards the deity I profoundly worshipped,

It told me to gallivant stark naked through the town; as I was assiduously involved in decoding peaceful solutions to war,

It told me to count to the number of words I spoke in the day; as I combing my hair blending it with lots of perfumed coconut oil,

It told me to put my hands in the lions mouth; as I was playing with small children; hugging them close to my chest,

It told me to sleep on a bed of smoldering embers; as I was dancing jubilantly after tasting the first success of my life,

It told me to put a battalion of stinging ants in my clothes; as I was shaking hands compassionately with the Magician outside the train,

It told me to walk backwards till I reached the other side of the globe; as I gauge the unsurpassable depth of the valley,

It was a nefarious monster ordering me to execute at times the weirdest of things existing in this world; when infact there was not the slightest of necessity; nor the slightest of compulsion by Almighty Lord to do so,

And that's when I made one solemn resolve of never being a slave of my mind; never yielding to its irascible desires no matter how strongly it dictated me to do so; as I had from now decided to always listen to the tunes of my heart.


Those who consider themselves to be highly creative; basking in the glory of their ingenious ideas; are infact never creative at all,

Those who consider themselves extremely intelligent; claiming to remember every thing ever embossed in the history books; are infact never intelligent at all,

Those who consider themselves to be valiantly brave; proclaiming to conquer every power on this earth; are infact never brave at all,

Those who consider themselves to be beautiful; the only angels traversing on this planet; are infact never beautiful at all,

Those who consider themselves to be tall; the most gigantic amongst any entity ever created; are infact never tall at all,

Those who consider themselves as shrewd and overwhelmingly tactful; are infact never tactful at all,

Those who consider themselves to be the most versatile musicians in this world; are infact never singers at all,

Those who consider themselves to be the best swimmers; bombastically announcing that they could trespass across the colossal belt of the ocean even in the most tumultuous of storm; are infact never swimmers at all,

Those who consider themselves to be the most mesmerizing artists; able to sketch any form or shape better than God; are infact never artists at all,

Those who consider themselves to be great dancers; adept at performing every definable step under the Sun with stupendous mysticism and charm; are infact
never dancers at all,

Those who consider themselves to be unprecedentedly skilled surgeons; curing every wound visible by the mere caress of their palms; are infact never surgeons at all,

Those who consider themselves to be dynamic managers; adroitly maneuvering all the workforce with the inherent appeal and cadence in their voice; are infact
never managers at all,

Those who consider themselves to the most flawless of priests; sanctimoniously conveying to the globe about their prowess to communicate with God; are infact
never priests at all,

Those who consider themselves to be the most ferocious of hunters; able to capsize any animal into their custody by simply grabbing it at its throat; are infact never hunters at all,

Those who consider themselves to be great politicians; claiming to know every intricate nuance in the textbooks; harnessing the optimum benefits for their country; are infact never politicians at all,

Those who consider themselves to be the benign philanthropists of this society; advertising in every paper and street of how much they have helped mankind; are infact never philanthropists at all,

Those who consider themselves to be Oligarchic kings; royally seated on the throne and dispassionately ruling their nation; are infact never kings at all,

Those who consider themselves as magicians of the highest degree; able to metamorphose every thing they touched into shimmering oysters and pearls; are infact never magicians at all,

Those who consider themselves to be super humans; having the ability to prognosticate what was going to happen at nightfall right at the commencement of the brilliant day; are infact never humans at all,

For who were you to consider yourself as anything; when infact; he being the Creator didn’t think of himself at all,

And if you still really perceive that you are something; then don’t just say it or keep considering; go out there and prove it; and then and only then give yourself a chance to reclaim the glory of your pretentiously spoken words.


My Boss wanted me to browse scrupulously through each alphabet of the "Economic Times"; digest the numerical figures prevailing in the market; better than I digested my whole days food,
While infact I wanted to read the enchantment in her voluptuous eyes; drown in the silken cascade of her mesmerizing hair.

My Boss wanted me to dance to his tunes all day; sway instantaneously to the most minuscule of his commands and instructions,
While infact I wanted to dance with her in the aisles of passionate desire; blend my senses wholesomely with the wonderful scent that emanated from her persona.

My Boss wanted me to sleep on a bed of bulky checkbooks and disdainful office files; dreaming about the company's profit and loss accounts even during my deep slumber,
While infact I wanted to lie down with her on the marshy slopes; profoundly feeling the gentle waters of the river nimbly caress my toes.

My Boss wanted me to incessantly fantasize about his corporate adversaries; trying to perceive all round the clock a flurry of ingenious ways to cunningly defeat them,
While infact I wanted to solely fantasize about her; dream about living with her on cloud nine; every unveiling second of the day.

My Boss wanted me to speak in bombastic slang and smile as soon as I encountered any of his revered customers; putting up an overwhelmingly spurious pretence under my meticulously ironed shirt,
While infact I wanted to whisper in her ears only the unending tales of my desire; embrace her for immortal moments in the formidable grip of my romance.

My Boss wanted me to sip colorless tea sitting in the matchbox shaped conference room; taking down notes as the minister spoke,
While infact I wanted to drink all the sweetness from her lips; probing my tongue wildly across every corner of her skin.

My Boss wanted me to paint every barren space I saw; with slogans haughtily advertising about his company,
While infact I wanted to paint her entire body with the color of my love; emboss on every part of her flesh the tenacity of my intricate feelings.

My Boss wanted me to count daily the balance lurking in the reserve lockers; shrewdly negotiate every iota ; seeing to it that nobody got even a penny more than what they deserved,
While infact I wanted to count all the hair trapped within her eyelashes; sight my reflection in her palms sparkling with robust health.

My Boss wanted me to boast pretentiously about his greatness in front of his wife; admire his obnoxiously filthy demeanor in front of every girl that trespassed across his shadow,
While infact I wanted to boast only about her; write volumes and volumes of literature describing each of her spell binding parts.

And my Boss wanted me to eat, breathe, and sleep Business; refraining me to wander or even think beyond monotonous realms of his pathetic office,
While infact I wanted to eat, breathe, sleep only her name; keep her imprisoned in my heart; not only for this birth; but for infinite more births to come.


The hardest thing for a mother to bear; was the sudden death of her new born and sweet infant,

The hardest thing for a Businessman to bear; was the abrupt closure of his Business; his goods being auctioned in the market at a price lesser than stones,

The hardest thing for a bird to bear; was that her eggs got stolen by the vicious snake right in front of her eyes,

The hardest thing for a desert to bear; was its barren and magnificently shimmering sands; being extravagantly flooded with water,

The hardest thing for a boxer to bear; was opprobrious defeat; being decimated to the floor by his timid adversary,

The hardest thing for an automobile to bear; was the dismal snapping of its brakes; as it was just seconds away from reaching the summit of the mountain,

The hardest thing for the eye to bear; was its inability to recognize its most revered and beloved; even as she passed at whisker lengths from its body,

The hardest thing for a eunuch to bear; was the volley of insults and ignominious rebukes it received; the hilarious laughter which it was subjected to; for noabsolutely no fault of its at all,

The hardest thing for the shoe to bear; was exploding into infinite fragments; the moment it tread nimbly on the soil,

The hardest thing for the consortium of diabolical black clouds to bear; was not being able to incessantly rain; even after floating rampantly for hours in the sky,

The hardest thing for a robust swimmer to bear; was lying like a frigid mute leaf in the pool; when the race to the trophy was just about to commence,

The hardest thing for the lips to bear; was the acrimonious society coming in between then and their enchanting lover,

The hardest thing for the wealthiest man on this earth to bear; was the girl of his dreams kicking all his opulence; eloping with that beggar instead; whom she
had ardently given her heart,

The hardest thing for the impeccable and sparkling shirt to bear; was being ripped apart to uncouth strands; as it confronted head on with the worst of cyclonic storm,

The hardest thing for the conscience to bear; was overwhelming guilt pounding on it like a volcano from all sides; as it agonizingly conceived its tale of blatant lies,

The hardest thing for the spring waters to bear; was getting adulterated by infinitesimal specks of dirt; as they gushed past contaminated slopes of lecherous mankind,

The hardest thing for the lion to bear; was being ingeniously outwitted by the hunter; despite being crowned the irrefutable king of the jungle,

The hardest thing for the hands to bear; was their inefficiency to save several lives in vicinity as they were incarcerated in chains; although they knew the Herculean strength circulating in their bones,

The hardest thing for God to bear; was infinite numbers of his molecules fighting with each other on this earth; the very planet which he had created as paradise; now metamorphosing into a river of hostile death,

And the hardest thing for a writer to bear; when despite dedicating all his mind, body and soul to his profession; chiseling every alphabet he perceived with his very own blood; his work didn’t sell.


For him I wasn't a passionate poet penning down thousands of lines of mystical poetry,
What he considered me was just an employee; relentlessly running in and out; through the doors of his bombastic office.

For him I wasn't the innocuous child wandering at will through the jungles,
What he considered me was just an embellished servant; attending to each of his clients with a big and ostentatiously false smile.

For him I wasn’t the angel sipping milk delectably from mother cow,
What he considered me was just a hi-tech attendant; scrupulously sorting and arranging his plethora of computer files.

For him I wasn’t the fantasy eye casting my shadow on every pretty damsel that I encountered on the streets,
What he considered me was a financial institution who could extract money from the uncouth world; dispense it judiciously to pacify even the tiniest of his demands.

For him I wasn’t the angel who slept cozily for indefatigable number of hours on the silken couch,
What he considered me was just an electric paced machine barging through the door of his office at the crack of dawn; and before anyone else entered his empire.

For him I wasn’t the philanderer gallivanting with brazen relish through the
winding hills,
What he considered me was just a physically fit and robust individual who could clamber and descend the stairs leading to his cabin umpteenth number of times.

For him I wasn’t the carefree and reckless student bunking classroom with nonchalant ease to meet my beloved,
What he considered me was just a special insect; who buzzed incessantly around his visage; pretentiously praising him about things he had never committed.

For him I wasn’t the impetuous youngster who spent every night drowned in gallons of intoxicating whisky dancing to the beats of vivacious music,
What he considered me was a professional with dynamic speech; the only man who could entertain his guests for weeks together on the glittering telephone.

For him I wasn’t just the tiny kid playing boisterously with several other of my kind,
What he considered me was an audacious and gallant chested soldier; standing tall and domineering to protect his assets; opening the door of his car; every time he felt an urge to drive fast towards the valley of enchantment.

For him I wasn’t the emperor of my dreams; sitting on the profusely jeweled throne,
What he considered me was just somebody who could spot and shrug off all the disdainful hair sticking to his shirt; evolve ingenious ideas to fetch him his emoluments for years to unveil.

For him I wasn’t the maverick munching toffee and simultaneously writing love letters,
What he considered me was a perfect "Butter Man"; adroitly convincing and polishing the shoes of his vast repertoire of alien customers.

For him I wasn’t the mischievous teenager bursting into pools of uninhibited laughter every other second,
What he considered me was just a vibrant entity who wrote his International speech; cajoled his vain senses when he found himself encompassed by a state of inexplicable nervousness.

For him I wasn’t the pampered boy feasting my eyes on a fathomless ensemble of ravishing fruits and curd,
What he considered me was just an executive who could prolifically travel all around the country; while he slept blissfully with the girl of his dreams; with nothing else except his snores to disturb him.

For him I wasn’t a prince swimming in an ocean of pearls; tossing an armory of jewels like matchsticks in the air,
What he considered me was just an infinitesimal little banana; whose skin he could ruthlessly peel whenever he wanted; before savoring the entire fruit.

For him I wasn’t the baby cuddling tightly to my mother's invincible lap; drifting off to blissful sleep as she sung mystical rhymes into my ear,
What he considered me was just a mature broker; intricately manipulating and shielding each of his shady and illegal deals.

For him I wasn’t the adventurous crusader; profoundly admiring a blanket of voluptuous stars from the summit of the hill,
What he considered me was just an expert salesman; propagating the essence of his hollow ideals far and wide; standing dead straight as if struck by a hostile arrow; nodding my head boundless number of times to the faintest of whispers he uttered.

For him I wasn’t God's vehement disciple; inexorably ringing the bells of the temple; wholesomely lost in the omnipotent aura of the Creator,
What he considered me was just an obnoxious table of reception; uttering hi, hello, sorry, thank you, all throughout the waking day and for some part of the
moistened night.

For him I wasn’t my beloved's lover; enveloped intensely in the supremely volatile arms of her romance,
What he considered me was just a dirty solicitor; ever ready to fight every legal case of his; win every battle triumphantly in front of the judge.

For him I wasn’t human at all; with feelings, desires; fantasies; emotions; passions.etc.,
What he considered me was just his chained employee;licking his feet in meek submission; executing all his Business deals to astronomical perfection.

As these were the things inevitable to be done; to get that pay cheque of mine at the end of every month; and of course till that time he could take the privilege of dominating me,
But mind you irrespective of my compulsion to exist; he would only for the time being remain my fake Godfather; but could never replace and was nowhere near even the minutest shadows of my adorable and omniscient Creator.


Could the ocean ever dream of relinquishing its majestic waves; flowing as placid as the solitary pond spawned by the monsoons?

Could the sky ever dream of existing without its conglomerate of puffy clouds; stare sheepishly towards the earth like a dead canvas painted with blue?

Could the mother ever dream of killing her child; slicing its robust meat to satisfy her gluttony?

Could the fish ever dream of living without water; slithering miserably on ground like the venomous snake?

Could the cow ever dream of eating thorns instead of leafy grass; lazing in desolate solitude without oozing even an iota of milk?

Could the elephant ever dream of running as fast as the spotted panther; climbing up the hazel tree trunk with the nimble ease of a bushy squirrel?

Could the desert ever dream of being enveloped with pools of crystal water; all its shimmering and fathomless sands drenched completely with spongy liquid?

Could the freezing ice-cream ever dream of charring an individual to raw soot; reducing his demeanor to inconspicuous particles of grey ash?

Could the obnoxious river of sweat ever dream of diffusing marvelous scent; spreading its fragrance far and wide to every corner of the vast globe?

Could the incongruous little street fly ever dream of sitting on the royal throne; barking orders to soldiers and countrymen instead of sitting on rotten fruit?

Could the intoxicating bottle of scarlet whisky ever dream of becoming a saint; instilling godly virtues in a person consuming it; instead of making him swoon on
the ground?

Could the stray rat ever dream of weaving immaculate fabric; eating on the table with scintillating forks and spoons; instead of poking its nose pertinently at the cheese kept in the refrigerator?

Could the wife who loved her husband over and above everything on this planet ever dream of murdering him; slashing his veins for perfectly no rhyme or reason?

Could the ghost imprisoned deep inside the dilapidated corpse ever dream of facing the entire army; defeating the valiant commanders; instead of inhabiting
haunted house?

Could the honey trickling delectably from the beehive ever dream of decimating a person; make him loose his last breath; instead of tickling him mischievously in
his stomach?

Could the ominous beaked vampire ever dream of instilling new life in people; benevolently helping humanity; instead of brutally sucking gallons of blood from the body of human?

Could the white skinned and satanic shark ever dream of giving children a flurry of amicable smiles; reciting to them stories of their motherland; instead of pulverizing them to mincemeat with its knife like jaws?

Could the Creator ever dream of destroying the entire Universe; erasing the globe from its very rudimentary roots; instead of imparting fresh life every unleashing instant?

Then how the hell could you ever dream that I went to office from the crack of every dawn; to the striking of every midnight; when infact my mind; body and sensitive soul; wanted to do nothing else but float in the aisles of surreal desire; bask in the glory of the beauty hovering around; profoundly admire and imbibe all the beauty existing in this world; when infact all myself created till date and still to evolve wanted to only write poetry.


One moment I felt as if I was dismally sinking to the rock bottom of the fathomlessly deep ocean; while the very next instant God placed me in the captains cabin; on the opulently diamond studded ship,

One moment I felt as if I was not even able to remember my very own name; while the very next instant God made me the most ingenious Scientist ever born on this planet,

One moment I felt as if I was slowly losing my ability to sight; with the world seeming an obfuscated blur through my drearily batting lids; while the very next instant God made me a lanky beaked hawk; able to dive from astronomical heights; catch my succulent prey in a just single dip,

One moment I felt as if I was going to be brutally pulverized in the gruesome car accident; while the very next instant God placed me on the top most summit of the mountain; made me witness the entire world as a blissfully astounding paradise,

One moment I felt as if I was begging disdainfully on the appallingly shivering streets; while the very next instant God granted me a seat on the supremely embellished golden throne; made me the most invincible and worshipped king,

One moment I felt as if I was writhing miserably on the floor in thoroughly lost despair; while the very next instant God made me the impregnably towering fortress; which was simply unable to invade from any side,

One moment I felt as if I was starving without a droplet of water being visible till far and remote distances; while the very next instant God inundated my empty bowl with tantalizing morsels of food; pacified my scorching throat to an extent that it never felt thirsty all my life,

One moment I felt that I was being assaulted by a gang of viciously satanic demons; running like a matchstick through the desolate lanes of the city; while the very next instant God made me the president of the country; with a fleet of armed bodyguards following me like a shadow wherever I went,

One moment I felt that I was stuttering on every word that I spoke; was hardly able to complete a single sentence without pathetically floundering infinite number of times; while the very next instant God made me the best musician trespassing on this earth; mesmerizing millions with the magnetic charisma in my voice,

One moment I felt that I was stumbling embarrassingly at every step I took; while the very next instant God made me a handsome eagle soaring majestically through open blue sky; covering miles of territory on the trot; with a single wing flap of mine,

One moment I felt that I was going to use my thumb to sign all my documents; as I was transiting into blatantly illiterate; while the very next instant God bestowed upon me the prowess of evolving billions of lines of poetry in a single working day,

One moment I felt that I was swooning towards the obdurate ground after a deadly venomous sting; while the very next instant God deluged my life with sweet nectar; made me philander like a prince in an ocean of celestial honey,

One moment I felt that I was overwhelmed with mind boggling stress; would be crushed under the tyranny of monotonous routine which wouldn’t spare me the slightest; while the very next instant God blessed me with divinely sleep; swept away even the tiniest of my tension; like the Sun melts white ice,

One moment I felt that I would plummet inevitably into the valley as the brakes of my car abruptly failed; while the very next instant God made me walk without a scratch to my body out of the jammed door; while my automobile exploded into a fireball of pugnacious flames,

One moment I felt that I was shivering hysterically in inexplicable fever and horrendous disease; while the very next instant God made me the perennial waterfall; which delighted millions with its robustly cascading silvery froth,

One moment I felt that I was disappearing into oblivion; with my entity soon about to fade into an island of nothingness; while the very next instant God made me as tall as the boundlessly gargantuan sky; looming large over every other entity on the trajectory of this planet,

One moment I felt that I was crying indefatigably; there was nothing except tears in my uncouthly unpardonable life; while the very next instant God made me break into a battalion of flirtatious smiles; profusely lit up and triggered my life with everlasting happiness,

One moment I felt that I was losing all my power; the bulging muscle in my shoulder was evaporating into obsolete oblivion; while the very next instant God made me the strongest individual on this globe; possessing the supreme tenacity to scrap evil from its very slim and non-existent roots,

And one moment I felt that I was dying; on the brink of relinquishing passionate breath any unveiling second; while the very next instant God not only flooded my staggering lungs with unprecedented amounts of fresh air; but bequeathed upon me the power to exist beyond; past; present and future life.


When I was in a mood to profusely tease my neighbors; I had a drink of tangy
lemon juice,

When I wanted to swim against choppy waves of the turbulent ocean; I had a drink of wildly rejuvenating rum,

When I wanted to float in the aisles of unprecedented desire; shrugging off the slightest of my stringent inhibitions; I had a drink of voluptuously red whisky,

When I wanted to philander euphorically through the supremely dense and camouflaged forests; I had a drink of mystically refreshing coconut water,

When I wanted to fight the lion disastrously barehanded; I had a drink of profoundly seductive wine; which instilled in me the false impression that I was greater than God, upon consumption,

When I wanted to walk naked on the freezing mountain slopes; I had a drink of piquantly poignant and electric green chili,

When I wanted to simply lie down on the couch; disentangling my mind from the vagaries and intricacies of this monotonous world; I had a drink of plain and rustic water,

When I wanted to fantasize till eternity; live in a satiny cocoon of clouds all my life without respite; I had a drink of overwhelming nicotine,

When I wanted to vomit out deliberately; puking out the last iota of what I had consumed just a few hours ago; I had a drink of disdainful soap with its bubbles exploding gently in my throat,

When I wanted to emulate a mad man in astounding similarity; I had a drink of horrendous donkey saliva,

When I wanted to commence prolific activity every dawn; I had a drink of delectably sizzling and hot tea,

When I wanted to give the insurmountably constipated bowels in my stomach some relief; I had a drink of boisterously bubbling soda,

When I wanted to holistically blend with the ecstatic conversation circulating in the conference; be an integral part of the festivity; I had a drink of ebulliently golden beer,

When I wanted to gallivant on the stallion through the labyrinth of fabulous hills; I had a drink of passionately peppy pineapple juice,

When I wanted to grandiloquently celebrate my birthday; say cheers to the entire world sitting in the clammy interiors of my drawing room; I had a drink of superlatively intoxicating vodka,

When I wanted to leap in animated exhilaration in the middle of the night; halt my incessantly running nose from dribbling further; I had a drink of salubrious and steaming chicken soup,

When I wanted to appease my mother; make amends for the plethora of inadvertent mistakes which I had committed; I had a drink of impeccable cow milk; kneading it assiduously from her sacrosanct body,

When I wanted to reach the astronomical summit of Mount Everest; I had a drink of reinvigorating and tenacious brandy; once every few minutes,

When I wanted to retain a splendidly formidable memory; I had a drink of fortified iron syrup; impregnating power to my being; power to my bones,

When I wanted to speak in slang; pretend an intrinsic part of the high society without actually belonging to it; I had a drink of pretentiously sleazy brown cola,

But when I wanted to lead life; I didn’t have any drink at all; for their was no magical liquid or extract made which would make me suffice its variety; infact it was an uphill struggle which was to be relentlessly fought; an invincible mission which no spurious drink on this earth could ever conquer.


The cheese that I had for morning breakfast was pure Italian; with its tanginess drowning me into waves of euphoria,

The ring adorning my finger was from the ancient pyramids of Arabia; glistening splendidly all day and night,

The shampoo that I used; was a herbal extract from the caves of Mount Everest; impregnating my hair with a satiny caress,

The calculator I used; was from Japan; deciphering mind-boggling puzzles within lightening fraction of seconds,

The shoes I wore were colonial British; woven with exquisite quality leather,
The watch on my wrists was authentically Swiss; shimmering majestically under the moonlight,

The scents that lines my mantelpiece; were from the deserts of Arabia; replacing all stink with their mesmerizing redolence,

The belt that held my pant single piece; was evolved from the skin of African python,

The ice cubes that floated in my glass of whisky; were from the summit of the frozen Himalayas,

The carpets engulfing every floor of my dwelling; were stitched with exclusive quality Persian wool,

The gallons of water that I consumed every hour; were extracted from the pristine springs of the Alps,

The mascara embellishing my eyelashes; was from the markets of ravishing France; that attracted every female inevitably towards me,

The food that I gulped for nocturnal supper; was from the delectable kitchens of Turkey,

The clothes that I used to cover my shivering skin; were from the contemporary and gaudy showrooms of America,

The conch shells that I used to announce my voice to the world; were from the coastal islands of Australia,

The roses that were fitted adorably in my vase; were from the sprawling gardens
of China,

The tea that I sipped with enormous pleasure; was made from petals strewn in the orchards of Pakistan,

Infact even the contraptions I used to measure my intimate heart beat was of precision quality and pure German,

While inspite of all these; I still had the greatest reverence for the soil
I was born in; my heart was pure Indian.


Beneath my shirt; the gaudy clothes that engulfed my body,
Beneath the infinite mass of hair; that sprouted from my scalp and skin, Beneath the exorbitantly costly rings; scintillating majestically from my finger,
Beneath the golden sweat that oozed profusely down my nape; cooling my agitated senses,
Beneath the aroma of musk perfume; diffusing from my armpits,
Beneath the mesmerizing black mascara; painted intricately on my eyelashes,
Beneath the Spanish watch; luminating royally from my wrist,
Beneath the snake leather footwear; fitted to designer perfection on my toes,
Beneath all the delectable food dumped in my stomach; sleeping blissfully inside,
Beneath the voluptuous lipstick; embossed glossily on my lips,
Beneath the mystical lines of my palm; portraying me to the world as a king, I was just a pair of bones.

Beneath swanky cars; which I drove at rocketing velocities through the streets,
Beneath all the wine that I had consumed; which was extracted from the tangiest of herbs,
Beneath dungeons of wealth; which I had stashed upto the brim with glittering gold,
Beneath all the fantasies revolving pompously in my brain; engendering the entire world to spin on my fingertips,
Beneath the feather coated couch on which I slept; gleefully tossing my mountain of jewels,
Beneath all the Business clients who saluted me; opening their mouth in open mouthed admiration,
Beneath the billion kilometers of land I possessed; on which philandered women of my very own choice,
Beneath all the intricate figurines and scents lined on my mantelpiece; the boundless leopard skins suspended from walls of my palace,
Beneath all the princely languages; that flowed out at ease from my tongue,
Beneath several tales of love and enchantment; that I had executed out with my beloved, Beneath all the pretensions I had of presuming myself to be some sort of God; although without the ability of even knowing what would happen a few seconds after,
I was simply a light weight skeleton; just a pair of bones.


If I were a ferocious panther the first thing I would do; was devour my prey
with unprecedented relish,
Then sleep in my den in the heart of the jungle cloistered from acrid light; impregnating the atmosphere with my snores.

If I were an inconspicuous mosquito the first thing I would do; was to extract
parsimonious amounts of blood from supple complexioned flesh,
Then buzz incessantly in vicinity of the eardrum; driving the individual to
the threshold of raw indignation.

If I were a long legged spider the first thing I would do; was to weave my
silken web with the sticky gel in my belly,
Then patiently wait for innocuous insects to get trapped in; before pulverizing them to succulent pulp.

If I were a handsome grey lizard the first thing I would do; was to stealthily
pounce on my victim; strangulating it with my coherently synchronized teeth,
Then perching myself in hidden cavities of the tube light; laboriously try and
swallow my sumptuous meal.

If I were an indolent cow grazing on the hills the first thing I would do; was
to munch lush green grass protruding from the soil,
Then spend marathon hours chewing the same; succeeded by an afternoon siesta; with the sun shining in my eyes.

If I were a preposterously huge elephant wandering through the swampy marshes; the first thing I would do; was submerge my trunk in water; evacuating colossal amounts of the solvent,
Then sprinkling the same with equanimity and brute power; on all animals in
the surrounding.

If I were a disdainfully colored cockroach the first thing I would do; was to
swish my tentacles rampantly in exuberance,
Then cling as tightly as possible to inner seams of the lavatory seat; waiting
for dawn to descend in utter exasperation.

If I were a enchanting cuckoo the first thing I would do; was to adroitly flex
vocal chords deep down in my throat,
Inundating the ambience with melodious music; profoundly enjoying the
aftermath of the same.

If I were a heinous criminal the first thing I would do; was to sabotage prime
Stripping the overwhelmingly rich of their affluence; philandering all throughout the night under sleazy lights of the blaring discotheque.

If I were a normal human being the first thing I would do; was to find the
inevitable love of my life,
Incarcerate the same for the remaining time till I breathed air; dedicate my
entire time towards protection of her being.

And If I were the omniscient Creator the first thing I would do; was to annihilate all poverty and suffering,
Make sure that all those living continued to live in perpetual contentment; for decades immemorial.


The raw material required for growing a foliated tree; was its inconspicuous
little seeds,

The raw material required for building a magnificent palace; was a plethora of
baked bricks and finely pulverized sand,

The raw material required for forming the sky; was a blend of black and immaculate white clouds,

The raw material required for making a computer; was a conglomerate of contemporary chips with a host of sophisticated software,

The raw material required for forming the mammoth ocean; was astronomical
amounts of salt water,

The raw material required for preparing appetizing curd; was decayed and left
over remains of bitter milk,

The raw material required to fire a hollow nozzle gun; was a grey bullet; that
flew at electric speeds after swiftly releasing the trigger,

The raw material required for digging a well in the stony ground; was a chiseled pickaxe compounded with onerous effort,

The raw material required for riding a bicycle; was dexterous maneuvering of
the same alongwith the skill of fine balance,

The raw material required for writing script; was the slender sculptured fountain pen replete with sapphire ink,

The raw material required for igniting bundled logs of dry wood; was a minuscule and lead coated matchstick,

The raw material required for cautioning against unscrupulous burglars; was a
contemporary alarm bell,

The raw material required for soaring high in the air abreast of the hovering
clouds; was a pair of strong and robust wings,

The raw material required to compose a poem; was a jugglery of intricate
words; alongwith perfect synchronization of rhyme,

The raw material required to smile; was twin pairs of lips opening partially; radiating loads of compassionate warmth,

The raw material required for spreading rampant riots; was baseless communalism,

The raw material required for propagating corruption; was power hungry leaders adroitly manipulating innocuous people,

The raw material required for impregnating fear; was merciless torture of the
deprived; incessant tormenting of the underprivileged,

The raw material required for dying; was forcible closure of the nostrils;
succeeded by abrupt failure of the heart,

And the raw material required for blissfully living; was unrelentingly caring
for our dear ones; diligently praying to the deity we believe; patronizing universally the essence of philanthropic love.


When I sat on it exerting my full weight; it squealed inaudibly permeating the
stillness of atmosphere with feverish cacophony,
Nimbly revolving a few centimeters on the polished floor; eventually adjusting
disconcertingly to the situation.

When I poked it with a conglomerate of pointed needles; it let out silent gasps,
The upholstery was now embedded with a plethora of incongruous holes; although I could still spread my legs on it and sit.

When I emptied a barrel of fuming acid on it; it got severely butchered and uncouthly ripped apart,
The spongy foam now buckled under the slightest of my caress; and people who
visited my cabin perceived it as a minor bomb blast.

When I tried standing erect on it swirling rampantly to blaring tunes diffusing from the CD systems; it initially complied with my desire,
Although after a while I found myself adhering to the opposite wall of the room; as it had inevitably skidded and flung me like a discarded heap.

When I incorrigibly refrained to clean it; letting hordes of dust settle on its persona,
I had to suffer unrelentingly from sporadic bouts of thunderous coughing; with
the minuscule particles entering my nose.

When I washed it with freezing water in winter castigating for disobeying my
command; it appeared forlorn and meek in the beginning,
However when the next day I entered my office; there was a derogatory odor
intensely hovering in the air; also I saw a fleet of termite gnawing the soft wood with overwhelming relish.

When I endeavored to emboss script on its body; it incessantly rotated and shook; bouncing with gay abundance on its springs,
Driving me wild beyond the threshold of definable frustration; and I finally gave up on my persevering effort.

When I kicked it in its rear; exerting tumultuous force with my bohemian feet,
It placidly lay down topsy-turvy several paces further; and I had scrupulously
make sure whether all parts were intact; before relaxing on it again.

When I tried incinerating it; submerging it wholesomely in my left over alcohol; it caught flames which rose high and handsome towards the sky,
All that was now left of it was charred ashes; which I consummately used to
sprinkle as manure over my plants.

But let me tell you folks; I had enjoyed it the most; supremely relished its
company for marathon hours on the trot,
When I swung it tenaciously to and fro; with my feet languidly sprawled on the table; my eyes partially closed; and my rocking chair virtually putting my into a mystical slumber.


When in deep sleep you seemed like an immaculate angel; breathing
heavily with incoherent sounds emanating from your semi open lips,
While the instant you awakened; you pummeled your fists against the wall;
clenched your teeth in indignation.

When in deep sleep you seemed to be profoundly oblivious to your surroundings;
with your lids firmly agglutinated to your eyeball,
While the instant you awakened; you cast a series of despicable looks; castigating me severely for the inconspicuous smudges aligning the furniture.

When in deep sleep you changed positions umpteenth times in a minute; with
your clothes strewn in a disheveled heap,
While the instant you awakened you stringently made sure that I sat up straight without flinching the least; the attire that I wore was neatly creased and meticulously ironed.

When in deep sleep you mystically smiled; perhaps envisaging the fairies in the cosmos; with an enchanting glow encompassing your facial contours,
While the instant you awakened you were crimson with anger; rebuked me for not scrupulously washing my face.

When in deep sleep you inadvertently caressed my hair; fondling with my cheeks as if admiring their pudgy softness,
While the instant you awakened you were aghast at being late for office; slapped me hard for not braiding my hair.

When in deep sleep you unwittingly uttered all those things stored well within
your heart; vanquishing all apprehensions that engulfed your silhouette,
While the instant you awakened you started manipulating the words to speak;
refrained from giving me the tiniest of insinuation.

When in deep sleep you sometimes walked innocuously; languishing in the aisles
of romantic fantasy,
While the instant you awakened you uncouthly barked orders for a cup of tea;
splashed the same on the walls when it was not sizzling to the temperature you

When in deep sleep you wriggled inside the cozy delights of your quilt; blissfully exploring the moisture beneath the pillow you slept,
While the instant you awakened you threw aside the covers in intense infuriation; frantically searching for your radiant watch and glistening chain.

When in deep sleep you unconsciously laughed; when I poked a thin blade of
grass in your ears; gave me a celestial smile,
While the instant you awakened you barked a volley of abashing expletives;
condemning me for not polishing your shoes.

When in deep sleep you were the perfect husband for whom I had heaps of adulation; while the instant you awakened I had lost all reverence for your persona,
As I wished and prayed fervently to the almighty; to transform you like the way you were when in deep sleep.


One day you will ebulliently bounce on the pinnacle of blossoming prosperity; with the ingratiatingly fantastic melody of the atmosphere; blending handsomely with every ingredient of your crimson blood,

One day you will catapult to the absolute epitome of scintillating stardom; with even the most infinitesimal of your wish; immortalizing with the heavens divine,

One day you will irrefutably achieve all what you were harmoniously striving for; celestially diffusing the spirit of compassionate brotherhood; in every nook and cranny of the gigantic Universe; alike,

One day you will forget all your lambasting miseries and tantalizingly smile; exploring an enthralling township of beauty; on every step that you transgressed,

One day you will find all vibrantly tingling goodness of this planet bountifully blessed in your outstretched lap; with the whispers of ravishing enchantment; immaculately enlightening your every night,

One day you will unequivocally march only on the path of priceless truth; wholesomely abdicating forever and ever and ever; the web of tyrannically disparaging lies,

One day you will triumphantly emerge from the graveyards of despairing gloom; perpetually inundate even the most inconspicuous speck on this earth; with unfathomably benign happiness,

One day you will transform the gory complexion of this planet; bring back a resplendent smile on the lips of the all those uncouthly divested; by the grace of
Almighty God,

One day you will stupendously fantasize only about unshakable solidarity; holistically embark upon an unflinching mission to impregnably unite all caste; creed; tribe and color; in the threads of unassailable humanity,

One day you will find the most beautifully affable mate of your life; who altruistically stood by your impoverished side; even as diabolical hell indefatigably rained from the sky outside,

One day you will fulminate into a cloud of torrential jubilation; wonderfully titillate every iota of this despicably famished earth; with the majestic sweetness of your creation,

One day you will insatiably dance in the aisles of unprecedented desire; gyrate to the tunes of unending harmony; even as the most stringently sweltering rays of the Sun; ferociously charred everything to spurious dust,

One day you will inhale the most sensuously rejuvenating scents of the atmosphere; replenish every aspect of your penuriously dwindling existence; with the fathomless freedom of the; boundlessly bestowing cosmos,

One day you will tranquilly bond with your heavenly soul; discover even the most diminutive fragment of your sparkling conscience; to propagate the ubiquitous essence of simplicity,

One day you will get more than what you could have ever perceived in the most wildest of your dreams; as you selflessly diffused the same; to all those brutally strangulated in the dormitories of unbelievably merciless agony,

One day you will embrace the winds of timeless romance; bask in the glory of earth’s most wonderfully symbiotic relationship; for infinite more births yet to unleash,

One day you will breathe an air so impeccably sacrosanct and without even the tiniest trace of adulterated manipulation; that your conscience will inevitably coalesce with the Omnisciently divine,

One day you will love so immortally with the partner of your choice; that even the most belligerently satanic of devils; would become entirely oblivious to the
word called ghastly crime,

And that day was invincibly sure to come in yours and every benevolent entity’s life; so keep optimistically conceiving and working towards that day; don’t lose
hope; don’t yet die.


Reason to fear was with those who had resplendently sparkling sight; as even the tiniest thought of a blur obfuscating their eyes; made them uncontrollably tremble towards the aisles of nothingness,
While the ones blind since the very first cry of birth; surged intrepidly forward with nothing to lose; as the only Sun for them was an island of wholesomely penalizing blackness.

Reason to fear was with those who had fathomless treasuries of gold and compassionate belonging; as even the tiniest thought of misery coming their
way; made them frantically chew the last chunk of their skins,
While the ones brutally orphaned and penniless since the very first cry of
birth; merrily gallivanted forward with nothing to lose; as the most majestic cheer for them; was their soul of despicably wavering loneliness.

Reason to fear was with those who had perennially floated in opulent wines
and tantalizing food; as even the tiniest thought of prosperity deserting them; made them sweat like a coward with nothing to lose; as their most charismatically sensuous expression was a despondent dungeon of remorsefully lambasting silence.

Reason to fear was with those who had enchantingly vibrant ears; as even the tiniest thought of voices abandoning them; made them insanely wander through clouds of frazzled emptiness,
While the ones perpetually deaf since the very first cry of birth; harmoniously surged forward with nothing to lose; as their most poignantly volatile inspiration to exist was a graveyard of pin drop solitude.

Reason to fear was with those who were unconquerable kings; as even the tiniest thought of the diamonds popping out from their pompous crowns; made them inexplicably beat their fists towards the corridors of diabolical hell,
While the ones opprobriously squelched like rotten tomatoes since the very
first cry of their birth; exuberantly surged forward with nothing to lose; as their most pristine moments in life were nothing but a gutter of unsurpassable filth.

Reason to fear was with those who incessantly tantalized themselves with the
feathers of enchanting desire; as even the tiniest thought of all nubile fantasy abnegating them; made them maniacally bleed in threadbare dust,
While the ones bizarrely lynched since the very first cry of birth; blisteringly flew forward with nothing to lose; as their most gloriously fecund prowess was to procreate none like their own.

And reason to fear was with those who passionately palpitated into fireballs of togetherness every instant; as even the tiniest thought of their beloved betraying them; made them desperately rip apart their veins into an infinite ungainly bits,
While the ones disparagingly bereft of love since the very first cry of birth; phlegmatically ticktocked forward with nothing to lose; as the most marvelously cherished aspect of their survival; was to be left entirely on their own.


Stay on top of the blisteringly sweltering equator; uncontrollably basking in the insatiably flamboyant glory of the Omnipotent Sun,

Stay on resplendently inebriating avalanches of scintillating ice; bountifully feasting every ingredient of your crimson blood; on the stupendously frosty mountains,

Stay on rustic landscapes of indigenously panoramic mud; indefatigably tingling even the most infinitesimal bud of your skin; with melodiously enchanting grass,

Stay under the unrelentingly cascading waterfalls; replenishing your drearily insipid nerves with the mantra of harmoniously holistic; symbiotism,

Stay wherever you like; but stay in rhapsodically ebullient happiness; stay ubiquitously diffusing into a fountain of everlasting jubilation; stay forever and
philanthropically alive.


Stay abreast the ferociously dazzling fires; metamorphosing even the most frigidly pernicious moments of your bedraggled life; into a sky of unconquerable optimism,

Stay intrepidly relaxing on the gigantic shark’s back; unfurling into a gorge of unfathomably exhilarating adventure; as each instant rampantly zipped by,

Stay tirelessly under the placidly mesmerizing Moon; enchantingly pacifying your tumultuously frazzled persona; with euphorically impeccable charisma,

Stay intractably near the aromatically appetizing kitchens; supremely tantalizing your disastrously impoverished nostrils; with the most delectably exotic cuisine that lingered on this gigantic Universe,

Stay wherever you like; but stay unassailably bonded in threads of solidarity; stay as God’s most innocuously blessed organisms; stay forever and philanthropically alive.


Stay rolling with the immaculately burgeoning mushrooms; marvelously saluting their honesty; as the first rays of dawn unleashed from the royally ethereal horizons,

Stay wholesomely blended with hives of the boisterous honey bee; profusely enveloping every cranny of your diminutive demeanor; with unsurpassably never-ending sweetness,

Stay unflinchingly confronting the most mightiest of tornadoes; relishing the sheer propensity of compassionate moisture; on every impression of your pathetically fading visage,

Stay powerlessly surrendered at the pristine feet of your divine beloved; profoundly nourishing every droplet of your scarlet blood; with all beauty that serendipitously enshrouded this planet,

Stay wherever you like; but stay always encapsulated with impregnable prosperity; stay shoulder to shoulder with your comrades in inexplicably traumatic pain; stay forever and philanthropically alive.


Stay lifelong with all unfortunately staggering destitute; inundating enlightening rays of desire in the lives of all those vindictively orphaned,

Stay intransigently upon the sordidly uninhibited rooftop; languishing in the aisles of unending desire; without caring two hoods about the conventionally diabolical society,

Stay brazenly bare chested on the ecstatically gallivanting horse; timelessly exploring the ravishing aura of this earth; as the majestically glorious wind gushed past the whites of your joyously blazing eyes,

Stay concisely synchronized in the dormitories of the swanky corporate office; rejoicing the quintessential fundamentals of pragmatic management; to their
unprecedented fullest,

Stay wherever you like; but stay with a smile blessing your countenance till times beyond eternity; stay pricelessly bonded with the fabric of eternally melanging mankind; stay forever and philanthropically alive.


I might have euphorically gallivanted to the absolute summit of the rhapsodic mountain; and handsomely kissed the gloriously vivacious crescent of seductive

I might have unrelentingly waded through the poignantly salty oceans; dancing till unsurpassable eternity with the resplendently enamoring dolphins,

I might have timelessly philandered through the mystically jubilant forests; rhythmically acclimatizing my ebulliently racing pulse; with the enigmatically tantalizing rustling of fresh leaves,

I might have fervently rolled on titillating mud; encapsulating even the most infinitesimal arena of my exploring demeanor; with profoundly rejuvenating

But eventually at the end of the optimistic day and as the Sun eventually transcended blissfully past the ethereal horizons; there was nothing as compassionately comforting; as home; sweet home.


I might have relentlessly bathed under the gorgeously sparkling waterfalls; wholesomely oblivious to even the most ardent puff of breath that ecstatically
descended down my nostrils,

I might have mischievously flirted with fathomless nubile maidens; playing games of voluptuous hide and seek; as the thunderbolts of rain pelted torrentially from crimson sky,

I might have embarked on the most exhilarating expedition of my lifetime; audaciously leaping towards the clouds; as the entrenchment of perennially silken dawn engulfed one and all; holistically alike,

I might have disdainfully lost track of pragmatic time; as I endlessly fantasized beyond the realms of eternally sacrosanct paradise,

But at the end of the enlightening day and as the Sun eventually disappeared in wholesome entirety for the remainder of the ghastly night; there was nothing as
Omnisciently gratifying; as home; sweet home.


I might have tirelessly recounted tales of ingratiating adventure; to the entire planet; fulminating into a reservoir of bubbling enthusiasm as each second unleashed into a wholesome minute,

I might have unflinchingly faced the most truculently acrimonious of winds; towering as an apostle of irrefutable righteousness; by the grace of Almighty Lord,

I might have arisen like streaks of uncontrollable lightening in the middle of the night; to eccentrically reminisce the most marvelously majestic moments of my diminutively impoverished existence,

I might have astoundingly evolved a boundless fountain of creativity; on even the most indigenously dilapidated path; that I nimbly transgressed,

But at the end of the unassailable day and as the Sun eventually whispered a fugitive adieu to the gigantic sky; there was nothing as philanthropically uniting; as home; sweet home.


I might have inherently inherited an uncanny ability of articulately using my fingers; to encompass the colossal beauty of this wonderfully panoramic planet; in the canvas of my immaculately tiny palms,

I might have incessantly chortled into tornadoes of frolicking happiness; perpetually smiling even in the most disastrously ungainly moments of penalizing existence,

I might have tossed in a restless inferno of unending excitement; conceiving the most spell bindingly fantastic vibrations on this Omnipotent earth,

I might have vociferously placed my footstep on every single cranny of this unfathomably fantastic planet; indefatigably discovering the charisma in God’s most sacred atmosphere; till the very last beat of my heart; and with my minuscule little mind,

But at the end of the benign day and as the Sun eventually paid its last tributes to regally aristocratic brightness; there was nothing as pricelessly humanitarian;
as home; sweet home.


He had moustache to be proud of,
earlobes pierced with circular rings of brass,
wound a gaudy turban on his scalp,
wore frilled cloth clinging tautly to his skinny frame,
clasped an iron bludgeon for self defense,
chopped tree wood with thick blades of stainless steel,
climbed bare walls of brick with large urban feet,
took bath in monsoon ponds of muddy water,
adroitly lit roaring fires with bundles of dead sea weed,
relied on changing positions of the Sun for an update on time,
showered fruit and petal on daintily sculptured feet of the deity,
guffawed whole heartedly at mindless chatter prevalent in village,
coated walls of his mud baked hut with pure cowdung plaster,
hurtled a volley of loud abuse at son for skipping school,
milked the cow to professional perfection,
wore a jugglery of threads sewn with superstition,
uttered inaudible phrases in broken English,
guiding overseas tourist through dilapidated walls of the castle,
being the solitary source of monthly wages,
was a thorough blend of impetuousness and rural flamboyance,
his dreams had never crossed territories of his village,
with reflections of unexplored charisma lurking in his eyes,
he proclaimed loud with dignity to be the king of the village.


Can there exist rain without smoke grey clouds in the cosmos,

can there exist desert without quintals of slippery sand,

can there exist flower shrub without variegated petals of color,

can there exist winter without mercury dipping below freezing,

can there exist pure ivory without elephant trampling through forest,

can there exist a cigarette without bitter leaves of venom tobacco,

can there exist taste without minute buds flowering on fleshy tongue,

can there exist a boat without oars firmly riveted to the sides,

can there exist incessant wind without circular revolutions of the motored fan,

can there exist gold without tinges of passionate yellow,

can there exist white pearls without symmetrically carved oyster shell,

can there exist cinema halls without palatial expanse of the silver screen,

can there exist a perfect morning without melodious chirping of the cuckoo,

can there exist salt without sea water splashing on the chain of mighty coal rock,

can there exist blood without pores of flesh being punctured,

can there exist thick lava without collisions in interior crevices of earth,

can there exist a lock without a key kissing articulate junctions of proximity,

can there exist finger nail coat without surplus fillings of powdered calcium,

can there exist mountain rivers without mass of water tumbling down at speed,

can there exist a church without Jesus nailed to sandalwood cross,

can there exist breath without nostrils containing sticky mucus,

can there exist a computer without a host of programmed microchips,

can there exist aquatic fish without an ambience of luke warm water,

can there exist an aircraft in space without a pair of steel wings,

can there exist life without consumption of portable water,

can there exist man on earth without traces of love he thoroughly deserves.


What is it that makes us speak with eloquence,
Oscillates the fleshy organ of tongue in mouth.

What is it that makes us decipher infinite lines of condensed literature,
Lies trapped in hollow sockets of visual apparatus.

What is it that makes us sweat like an invincible river,
Exorbitantly saps reserve quotas of hidden energy.

What is it that tickles daintily stitched threads of conscience,
Vacillates with every unfolding minute of life.

What is it that makes our hair stand when bitter cold,
Causes surplus goose-bumps multiplying infectiously by the minute.

What is it that lifts our bodies from periphery of earth,
Prompts us to run fast when struck with fear.

What is it that bestows us with a satiny shadow,
Attracts us unanimously towards impeccable pillars of love.

What is it that triggers us to laugh with zeal and profound enthuse,
Imparts us with the bountiful quality of being chivalrous.

What is it that causes incoherent pressure to evacuate our bowels,
Facilitates in healing raw islands of sordid wounds.

What is it that makes us cry in bouts of agonizing hysteria,
Renders us mutilated exposed to the tyranny of life.

What is it that makes us hungry like untamed demons,
Inspires us to trample the innocent indiscreetly.

What is it that makes us oblivious to ticking hours of the clock,
Give our hearts to the person we vehemently love,
Dedicate our lives in due submission of the deity we adore and pray.


The magnanimous personality of God lies in all,
multiple Gods we do encounter,
as brilliant sunshine transits into starry night,
the prime Creator being twin meals of boiled rice,
succeeded by a liter barrel of ground water solvent,
sealed bamboo, metal, concrete, roofs,
sheltering human flesh, from torrential rain,
acerbic rays of light, whirlwinds of obnoxious dust.

the next God is handsome white cotton cloth,
encapsulating shivering bare bodies with perennial warmth.

God nestles in starch white currency notes,
earned through perspiring hard labor, streaks of gifted intelligence,
quenching gross demands of routine life.

God inhabits crimson red, fragrant rose,
emanating from clay mud, tickling masses of humans,
fleets of birds, with its omnipotent scent of love.

the supreme personality of Godhead,
luminates large in all those bathing in ponds of benevolence,
reinforcing egalitarian beliefs in all races,
breathing oxygen coated with malice,
living as a united bundle of iron sticks, for decades of harmonious existence.

49. BEDS

When I tried sleeping on a king sized bed of pure gold,
engulfed my persona in quilts embossed with biscuits of exquisite silver,
I took extreme caution while tossing and turning,
my body vehemently refrained to sleep all night,
so as to preserve crisp creases in the rich bricks of dazzling yellow.

When I attempted sleeping on luxury beds embodied in ornate satin,
a mattress of wild musk grass firmly riveted to its face,
with ravishing cologne sprinkled bountifully all over,
and slippery floss tickling numerous zones of my silhouette,
the royal environment of sponge evaporated indispensable traces of sleep.

When I ventured sleeping on colossal beds of pearl soap tablets,
with minute scriptures articulately scribbled all over,
and the fragrance of sea oyster emanating wildly from all quarters,
my body felt fidgety, satisfying itself with abstemious amounts of sleep.

When I dared sleeping on plush beds of dotted panther skin,
the softness in flesh texture sinking me down,
ghastly premonitions of the live beast flooded my mind,
I awakened with panic stricken jolts in middle of the night.

I then made resolute resolves to sleep on bed carpets of solitary road,
with the creamy moon impregnating me with beams of tranquil calm,
mundane noises of vehicular traffic sporadically flooding my ear,
the tepid breeze my passionate companion,
and the pitch dark blackness my quilt for the night,
I instantaneously fell asleep with dreariness of the previous nights now converted to loud snores.


I used it to lambaste bald patches of fair skin,
it obliged readily executing brute power with austere amounts of sting.

I viciously strangulated slender necks twisting it,
it bit the skin tenaciously to cause abrupt death.

I suspended it in Luke warm waters of the monsoon lake,
it in turn hoisted a jugglery of golden fish for me to relish.

I stealthily caressed umpteenth pores of my tender flesh with it,
it tantalizingly tickled me to erupt into whirlpools of laughter.

I stuck it firmly to the bare wall; with a backdrop of morbid jungle,
it strikingly resembled the slithering body of a silver snake.

I utilized it as a versatile pulley to evacuate me pails of water,
it did so with jocular smiles; also fetching me my drowned purse alongwith
crystal water.

I embedded it to the ceiling fan forming a tight noose,
got ready to fit in my stocky neck; and a few seconds after to relinquish breath.

I mercilessly burnt it in a heap to proliferate fire,
harmoniously heat substantially cold arenas of my body.

I tugged it dexterously with my palms; pulling my beloved towards me,
then enjoyed the effeminate warmth of her breath cascading down my nape.

It worked like a slave; meticulously performing all tasks to perfection,
although I must mention that my snake leather belt
looked far more enchanting while wound on my potbellied waist,
rather than when executing a plethora of mundane task.

The End .


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