The Life Cycle

The child stood, standing in the shade of the forest.

Dense leaves blocked the sunlight, which the Sun ordered it rays to strike the forest floor.

Soonafter, the Sun gave up, slowly surrendering to the Moon.

Moon flooded his army—stars flooded the sky of all. . .

The child stood still under the forest.

It climbed the tree like a monkey scavenging fruits.

The child climbed to the tallest tree’s canopy





The child felt conflicted. . .

Looking at the stars. . . that disappeared as the Sun once again triumphed over the sky.

As the sky cried. . . the child cried; feeling sad for the sky.

—droplets of rain. . . slowly trickling off the glistening forest leaves. . . of greens, blues, and reds. . .

The boy cried and didn’t know what to do.

In agony, the boy. . . ripped off a branch from where he sat. . . flying to the forest floor.

He closed his eyes, but opened them, wanting to see the forest one last time.

The boy fell, and turned with his back facing down. . .

—going. . .




The boy reached the bottom.

He felt the water from the sky crying, but thanking him for his sacrifice.

“Thank you. . .” heard the man.

His eyelids shut slowly, despite him trying to stay awake.

—They closed.

—The man fell asleep. . .


After the sky had finished crying, the Moon had once again unleashed his army of stars upon the Sun.

The Sun slowly gave up, surrendering to the Moon.

Stars flooded the sky of all. . .


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