Life a Contradiction

Tue, 06/28/2016 - 20:34 -- oshobo

ever since I was young, I’d had a gift for the tongue

this shit might open the door

but as I grew old, real started to fold

even the freshest fruit start to mold

bout to tell it like it is

bout to tell it how it should be

 kid from Lagos tryna make something

we live in a world, where cash and power are the main dominators

here most all our knowledge is fabricated

one where values and kindness die out to the ever strong fist of ‘the man’

and the kind stay defenseless just like the lamb


why is this true

at least in anime you know the enemies that are against you

train, train, train

all one would have to worry about

but this is reality, where there is more to the story

life’s an unforgiving game board, sorry

connections we share as humans

differences that set us apart from the rest of the creatures that walk this planet

treachery, betrayal, deceit

things we do that set us apart from other species

we say that these traits are inhumane, but these are the things that make us humane

so are we naturally prepressed to be evil, deceitful creatures?

I don’t know

I don’t know

I don’t care

believe it

just cuz the world is fucked don’t mean I gotta be too

if one nigga act a fool don’t mean I gotta act too

stay strong

Virtuous, powerful Goku

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