Life Changing

Who would have thought you would have fallen in love with another man, Spirit devoured, dissolved into another man, walking unclean, aroused by awful odors, camouflaged by day, but desirable by night, Praying for things to change, having feelings that stopped my heart from beating, hypnotized in lust, prayed for healing, lacked spiritual strength, faith, whips slapped across my face, my back, now thorns embraced, drips of blood runs down my face, this Is God reaching out, don't harden your heart my child, hold on, those words are like reples in water that repeats itself, its simply, not wanting to listen, saying im good, but I wasn't, saying it so much to the point where I didn't care, as long as I had a man that loved my aroma just as much as I loved his, trying to get to that point where I can say, your cute but not cute enough for my salvation state of mind, tribulations , peace, love, not awakining love until God says so, heading in one direction never two, finally back on heavenly grounds, realizing I never left, Life Changing.

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