Life Changer

Nursing is all that i want to be,

The dream of helping people is the vision i see,

The sick and the cold,

Who dont want to be alone,

Are waiting patiently for me.


Nursing is my career,

In that hospital ill be the most sincere.

Ill change the lives of many,

Those of a fever and sweaty,

Will feel comfort and soon they may cheer.


Its a life changer for sure.

Not only for me but the people that are hurt,

Though they be hungry and weak

Oh how they ache and they weep

Ill be on the way, that you can rest assure.


The only job that will change my life,

Nursing is my path that will bring new height.

Though it is hard and tiring,

Ill be going on and fighting,

For one day i will be in scrubs with delight.




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