Life Can Be Crazy Sometimes

Life can be crazy sometimes,
you never know who you will end up liking.
No matter what people say about the person,
you don't think they are right.
You think the person is just amazing,
has been so good to you,
and so much more!

you really don't care to hear their criticism about the person
you may feel like the criticism is hurtful and don't feel like dealing with that
you feel like the person who criticized that person is wrong
you feel like you really care about the person
you feel like the person has been nothing but good to you

you know how you feel about the person
you know how much you want to be with that person
what matters more
how someone views the person
or how you view the person
what matters more is how you view the person
what matters most is your happiness

if that person feels the same way you do
then you know what you might have to do
once you do what you want to do
you may feel happy
that is good
that is what matters a lot is your happiness

you don't know who you fall for
you don't know when that will happen
you don't know how it will happen
you may not even know why it happened
who knows
you fall for who you fall for
you can't control who you fall for
it just happens
its a part of life

all of it could lead to something truly amazing
or may just become as disastrous as a sinking ship
you don't know how much hurt it could cause
you don't know how much happiness it could cause
life works in mysterious ways

you never know what will happen
but you can hope for the best
hopefully it leads you to something good

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