The Life of a Broken Soul


Let me tell you a story, but first, 
A question.
What happens when things fall apart, 
But better things don't fall together?
You start to question everything you know, 
Whether it be about you, or someone else.
You tear yourself down,
And you put up walls.
But what happens when your walls aren't so sturdy?
What happens when you let people in, because you believe they are different?
Let me tell you what happens,
You fall on your ass because they weren't so different after all.
Each time you get back up, someone's waiting to knock you down.
Things start to get better,
And you think you've made it through the storm.
Someone new pops up, and your walls start crumbling down.
Little by little, you let them in.
But let's cut to the chase, they leave too.
And what happens next?
You blame yourself.
You tell yourself you aren't good enough,
And eventually, you start to believe it.
In fact, you believe it so much that it's all you know.
And that is a very shattering way to live your life.
So you start harming yourself, because the pain in your chest becomes unbearable.
You don't want to bother your friends with your problems,
And suddenly self-harm has cut it's way back into your life.
Excuse the pun.
You know it isn't right,
And you beg yourself to stop.
Somehow dying seems like the best way out,
When it's just the easiest way out.
So you turn to someone,
And you know it's wrong because they have so much going on of their own.
He becomes your rock,
And you find yourself not knowing what you'd do without him.
Eventually you start feeling bad about complaining all the time,
And you feel like you're burdening him.
Who wants to be the one to have to save someone all the time?
It must grow exhausting.
But every time you fall,
He's right there to pick you back up.
He's right there with a shoulder to cry on,
And you start to gain control of your life.
You start being able to breathe again,
And you know it's him doing this.
It's his faith in you that starts to hold you together.
And he doesn't even know it.
Eventually, you are able to rid yourself of the things harming you.
You stop crying every night over the past,
And you move on with your life.
Eventually, there's a smile on your face, a laugh in your voice.
Suddenly, the storm clouds clear,
And the sun comes out.
The light is bright, but you know the storm has passed, and the light is bearable.
But what happens when the clouds start to creep back in?


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