Life of a Blue Duck

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 14:16 -- Jyli

The life of a blue duck is a hard one.

It weighs you down,

More and more.

The other ducks point and stare,

Until you think you are the only one there.

But life goes on as you realise,

That being a blue duck is who you are.

You strive to be the best blue duck there is,

And the best there ever was.

You realise you are better than their mean taunts.

Because all they really want,

Is to make the different ducks feel worse,

While their illusion of being better grows thicker.

You realise, ‘this is what it is like,

The life of a blue duck.’

You stop caring what others think and about you alone,

Your success,

Your achievements,

Your life.

You realise you are the best blue duck there is,

And ever was.

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