Life is a Beauty Contest


  Someone once told me, that life is a beauty contest. With the ever passing posses and smirks, scrolling through the "Instagram" of life began to make me feel like less of myself. Life is a beauty contest. Life IS a beauty contest. I refused to believe so. But no. That was not she meant. All the endless fitlers and half-geniune smiles was not what was or is. You must believe that you are beautiful. That life is YOUR beauty contest. Where your clothes with pride that you have clothes. Smile a smile that reaches your eyes and heart. Remove the filters that blind your true identity and step out and claim your true prize. Not the prize that wins you four-hundred likes. Not the prize that gains you endless comments and acceptance of peers. You deserve that without a filter. Life is a beauty contest. And YOU are the one with the option to win it. Take the well earned prize of an amazing self image. Is that the person you want to be? Remove the filter and what do you see? Because in this world where life is a beauty contest, take it for what it is. Be true to yourself and what beauty you hold inside. You deserve at least that much. #NoFilterScholarshipSlam#Notake it for you are inside.  you want to b. Take the and step out and claim your  


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