Life is Beautiful


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A child.

A wonderful miracle to still be alive.

All alone inside a box on a street;

The umbilical cord still attached.

A small child left alone; a small child abandoned.

A child who will grow up with a sense of feeling unwanted.

A child who calls for help.


A mother.

She seeks money for an escape.

Money is the way for her to reach out to be in the clouds with needles pressed against her skin.

This is a mother who abandons her child.

Is there any hope?


A stranger.

They look before they leap.

A cliff is ahead, but what do they see?

A precious gift from above is now in sight only because they looked.

Love is in action now for the child.

There is hope.


A voice.

A voice comes deep inside my own soul.

“Daughter, the voice says, come home to me.”

“Where are you?”  I cry out.

The voice tells me, “You have sought out other things.”

The voice shows love and compassion.

The voice whispers to me,

“Child you seek other things instead of me; seek love.”

I follow the voice only to meet the child who was once in a box.

The child grows up with the stranger learning to look before they leap.

The voice says to the child,

“Look, you are loved, you are wanted, and I want you.”


Life is beautiful.




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