The Life of Basketball

Practice 5 days per week 2 hours a day
Time for chores and homework wiped away
Practice is the time to get ready for the game
Losing the next day will be such a shame
Intensity, Focus is what I need to bring
Here is the first quarter, the buzzer rings
The starting five comes out, ready for the jump
We want the other team to come out in a slump
We get the ball, you have to start your offense
The key to success is to make the defense tense
I score my first bucket, one of many
The next thing you know we're up by twenty
But the defense speaks back, we're only now up by five
It’s time for the team to revive
Halftime is here, it’s time to talk
Coach is drawing up the plays, and takes up the chalk
We come out with more intensity than ever
Now this is the time to really be clever
The sweat dripping off my face and onto the floor
My coach screaming out from the sidelines “I want more!!"
Its 4th quarter, 15 secs left to go and you’re tied
We want to come out this game with a win and pride
I get the layup, the foul and I'm on the line
I make this shot and the games all mine
The ball swishes through the hoop and we win the game
Winners is the name we proclaim
Determination, hard work, effort is what describes this sport
Giving your all and leaving it on the court

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