Life is awesome

Yeah the skys are gray

so what if the oceans not clear

I don't care about pollution

I don't care no one holds me dear

It doesn't matter that I'm sad

or that liars and cheats abound

we can still find the joy in music

even if we can't hear the sound

I can dance without any rhythm

I can move and tap my feet

my hands clap, I make my own song

so why don't we all sing along

this is where we make each other complete

So I'll sing, "La La La"

cause' you can't take my, "Ha Ha Ha"

I'v got the joy

I'v got the hope

I got the things you need the most

you need to sing out loud

lose yourself in a crowd 

yet stand out the most

yeah you got the joy

yeah you got the hope

I don't care that the music will someday end

I don't care that people stare like I don't make sense

like my smiles are weird

like I shouldn't be here

Cause I'll be happy in the end

Life itself is awesome



This poem is about: 
Our world


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