Life is Awesome

Obstacles and tests are what life gives to us

But, at the same time it teaches us

It allows us to make our mistakes

And do things completely wrong

But, at the same time we learn what and how to build from

Then we move on

Life knocks us down

And puts us in all kinds of loops,

But it also shows us how to get up

And successfully jump through hoops.

It breaks and shatters us

With pain and grief,

But it allows us to become one

With our faith and beliefs.

Life allows demons

To cast their fire and brimstones,

But also allows us to find a friend

That will not let us fight alone

It has its way of

Making us sing the blues,

But in the end it causes us

To see it through.

What I find tremendously awesome about life is

It hands us our trials and tribulations

In order for us to truly gain

Our promised wisdom.

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