The Life Of Anna Luann


Her legs shake as her hands sweat
Looking at all she have left
She pick up the needle and slap her arm so her vain show
She induce the substance as she start to feel low
She lean back and try to train her thought
As she think about all the trouble the train had bought
The train that a group of boys ran on her
Or the train that had killed her mother
She pours a glass of wine and hope it drowns her head
After two cups she lean back in the bed
So she lay there and try to bed her thought
As she think about all the trouble her bed had bought
The same bed her daddy had raped her in
Or the same bed where she had killed her friend
Because that same friend tried to rape her too
She was scared so she did what she had to do
She leans back up to take the blunt off the dresser
Take a few puffs so she can feel a little bit lesser
But more thoughts seem to crowd her head
She gets up and walk away from her bed
And look for the gun that help kill her friend
She finds it and put it up to her head
She got her finger on the trigger
As the room get bigger
She been shooting since forever
But this shot is buried treasure
She says " lord forgive me for my sins"
Thus ends the life anna luane


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