life and death

Life and Death


Scarlet and gold

Eagle and globe

You know where this is going to go


Life and death


Shooting and being shot

Careful not to get caught

Marching a heck of a lot

I already know the plot


Life and death


Freedom is led

Blood is shed

They go back to the bed

For where they bleed red


Life and death


Eating proteins

Always having vaccines

Drinking out of canteens

And always following the same routines


Life and death


Underwater in submarines

Driving very large land machines

They started out as just young teens


Life and death


I know what I want to do

To bleed red, white, and blue

Just to join this military crew


Life and death


Beautiful scenes

Wearing cami greens

Do you know what this means?


United States Marines.



I really would love to join the marines someday.

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