The Life and Adventure of an Entrapped Sandwich


 Sammy   The complications of life tend to start As early as the first beats of the heart. Or in my case, when a heart is lacking, The problems begin when a person starts packing A lunch with the greatest of care and precision. A lunch to be eaten- just try to envision The glory that comes when a mouth opens wide, Excited to chew on the morsels inside. For though to their death those tidbits do fly, For a food there’s no way more thrilling to die! Which is why my tale is a sad one indeed. For though in my prime I was quite a feed, I fear digestion shall not be my fate. I was placed in a ziplock, and not on a plate. The dangers for a sandwich in a ziplock are numerous, And while some may find my situation quite humorous, To be lost and forgotten is no laughing matter Not to one who’s dreamed of a platter! Or a tray, or a dish, or even a napkin! Anything would be better than the plastic sack in Which my fate is sealed with a double-zip lock. Stuck in a car driving block after block, Day after day! For no one looks under The seat in the back until one starts to wonder What in the rear has a scent that is smelly- A scent reminiscent of a peanut butter and jelly, Fallen from grace and out of the lunch box Allotted the destiny of car keys and left socks. Lost without hope of a sandwich’s salvation.   Doomed, forever trapped in this plastic location. The only fate worse is to be found at this moment, For the best-case scenario would be if my bag went Unnoticed, and therefore safe from discarding. “Not in a trash can,” are my thoughts regarding The current spot where my baggie is hidden. Tucked beneath the seat where light is forbidden. Where mold eats away at my flesh and my crust. “From ashes to ashes, dust to dust” They would say if I were not merely some bread All covered with jelly and peanut-y spread.  Destined to remain here until I am found, And tossed in the trash pail, or onto the ground Such is the tale of this poor sandwich’s life Of horrible solitude, immeasurable strife. So take as a lesson what this sammy has been through-  And know, fellow edibles, it could happen to you, too.   Reply


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