For the person that steps outside of the social norm's bubble to explore and be spontaneous,
Your awesome.
For the person who steps are strides of power, not knowing whether their steps are going right into the light or to the left into darkness with a small glimpse of light at the end.
But none the less with strides of power and confidence.
Your awesome.
For the person that notices the details of life,
Your awesome.
Because while your mind is working and seeing that little fly on the wall,
Others lay dominant and see the big picture missing the details and all. 
Life is like a giant monopoly game wouldn't you say ?
The game that takes an an eormous amount of time to end.
Yet you find yourself eager to begin. 
You roll dice to determine the amount of strides you take not knowing where you'll land.
You start off with others, however the number decreases as you come to the end.
You go round and round about what seems to be an endless board.
Trying to out best the others and stay in control.
At any moment your liable to go to jail.
However you have the chance to make a change once your turn rolls back around and prevail.
Life is ironic.
We can find the similarities between it and a game,
Yet still cause more damage in the real thing 
Yet life is the thing we're fond of. 
Not knowing the duration of it, causing us to live it likes it's our last. 
Not knowing whether we're taking strides in the right direction or heading left
But yet we take those strides because we walk by faith and not by sight whether that faith be in ourselves or something we just cannot see
Not knowing whether we're compatible with the social norm of today 
Yet being able to step out and say “this is me”
For a better word perhaps it's the mystery of life 
That we find to be truly awesome.
                                                           -Kayla Tucker 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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