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Living life is a cost
Living life is a lesson
Living life is a lost
Living life is a blessing
Yes I’m adopted
My Father was a Drug Dealer
The people coming and leaving
My step mom I hated her
The mistreating, the beating
My poor little siblings
I miss them so much
I won’t be able to see them
When they grow up
Jasmine Jermaine Diamine Derion Camora
All of them
My Father was the best don’t get me wrong
It’s just hard when I couldn’t see him for to Long
But now that he’s out of my life
Tears are constantly running down my face
Drip after drip I want to get out of this place
This isn’t home
I’m alone
Suicidal depressed?
No I’m just upset
Did my Father care about us?
Did he love us?
Was it worth it?
Were we hectic?
Is it my fault?
Or is it not?
I’m sorry
That’s the words I want to hear
I love you daddy
But do you care
I’m adopted daddy
I wish I had a time machine
To tell you selling drugs is no need for
You were causing a scene
To get the CPS knocking on our door
It has began
Separation of life
What’s happening?
There is a knife
In my heart
Stuck and needs repairing
You can’t pull it apart
I’m suffocating
Everything is good daddy
But sadly
Im missing something
Do you know what it is?
Its Family
Do Me a favor and Reread this.

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I love my Dad

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