Sometimes you gotta make a new way

A new way to get you on through the day

And though life comes hard at you, you can know its true

That what my God is

Is That He's Love its true

I can't remember a time

In my own life when

I could find happiness

In a world thats full of lies

Leads me to disbelief

Trying on me some make believe

I trying to find its message

But all it leads to is decieving me

Lets look back

At another scenario

A rich to a poor man living in the ghetto

Lost everything that this world could offer

And anything it gave him he took it and got more problems

Now he's in the gutter

Thinking he's forever more to flutter

Down to darkest depths of what seems like forever

Then a day came

Someone was walking

That person saw him

And started talking

Telling him of place that could better

Of a Love thats unconditional no matter what the problem was

With Him it was settled

Showed him 3:16

Defining to him the means

 Of a beauty in beauty of Grace we're unconcerned with

In that moment

In his very eyes

Tears started pouring

Finally feeling something he knew he had been ignoring

Got down on his knees

Prayed dear God

Forgive me Lord Im sorry

For falling for this mirage

Your Love gives me life

Your water everlasting

Im thirsty Lord so help me

Give me more than I can stomach

When you died on the Cross Lord Now I finally see it

When you said those final words



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