Life Through Another’s Eyes

What does it mean to live?

  Does it mean to be successful?

  To be one of greatness?

  Does it mean to take risk?

  To take chances?

  To never look back?

What does it mean to live?

  Does it mean to explore?

  To discover?

  To never stay in one place?

  Does it mean to settle down?

  To never leave “home”?

What is life?

  Is it meaningless?

  Is it trifle?

  Is it empty?

  Is it pointless?

  Is it purposeless?

What is life?

  Is it work?

  Is it making money?

  Is it partying?

What do you think life is?

  Is it “risk-it-all”?

  Or play it safe?

  Go big?

  Or sit back?

What do you think life is?

  To give selflessly?

  Or hoard selfishly?

  To love?

  Or to hate?

Does it really matter?

  Why are these questions so haunting?




Why can’t we just simply live?

Why must we find universal answers?

Why do we worry so much?



Life is happiness

Life is living in the country

 Breathing in fresh air

 Running across open fields

Life is camping and fishing

Having fun

Enjoying nature

Life is family

Life is living with an open mind

Life is having compassion and understanding

Life is laughter

Life is not being afraid to be silly

Life is having fun

Life is the capacity to care

A heart that reaches to others

Life is unique

The ability to express yourself

The love for creativity

Life is others

The ability to empathize

The desire to help

The joy of a simple “Thank you”

The warmth that follows “You’re welcome”

Life is freedom

Running without having to stop

Soaking in open space

No confinement of towering buildings

Warm earth beneath bare feet

No cold concrete of a city street

Life is animals running

People walking

No constant car engines roaring or road rage rampaging

Life is a song that plays when you need it most

A note you can play

A line you can say

A masterpiece you can sketch

A poem that flows from your mind to the page

Life isn’t the fast lane

No busy

No overwhelming task

Life is not money

It’s not fancy clothes

It’s not fancy shoes

Heck, I’d rather be barefoot

Life isn’t a giant house

Life isn’t a busy city

Life is a place that falls asleep with you

Only the night critters stay up

All the stores shut down

You feel a sense of peace

Life is being able to star gaze without a telescope

To lay in the grass and listen to the silence

Life is to climb a tree

To jump from the tree into a lake or a river or even a large puddle

Life is getting away from all the manufactured things

 Life is not being afraid to get down and dirty

To play in the rain

To dance in the storm

Not running from a gray sky

Not hiding from a crack of thunder

Marveling at a flash of lightning across the dark sky

Staring as sheets of rain pour down

Smiling when the sun peaks through

Life is puddle jumping without shoes

Life is playing in the sprinklers

Giving the car a good, old-fashion wash with the family

Life is a day at the beach

Laying in the sun

Swimming out as far as you can without getting trouble

Playing family football on the shore

Sand sculpting

Life is a long road trip

Sleeping in the car

Singing songs

Pit stops and staring contests

Punch-buggies and alphabet game

Life isn’t easy

It never has been

Life is heartbreak

Life is letdowns

Life is betrayal

Life is the tears

The lonely nights

The hopelessness

The disappointments

It can’t all be grand

Life can be unexpected surprises


Sudden losses


Life is beauty

The trees

The sky


Life is worth living

Worth experiencing

Worth trying

Life is hard work

To focus

To be dedicated To persist

Life is not boring

Not dull

Life is love

True love

Family love

Puppy love

Giving your heart to another

Life is your heart

It breaks

It hurts

It feels

Life is emotion

The pain

The joy

The hurt

The heal


What does it mean to live?

What is life?

What do you think it means to live?

Whether you agree with me or not

Life is a gift

A precious and valuable thing

A blessing

All from God

No one person can define it unless they created it




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