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It's an everyday thing, the hope that you survive in this world that we live in.

Era after era, things change. 

It's for the good or the bad who knows but it'll change.

Surley you hope for the best. I mean who wouldn't I guess.

The cycle continues day by day from birth to death you're given a chance.

Who knows this chance, no one but him. The prophecies tell beilive in him for he is all mighty great.

But yet again you only live once to make this chance worth it.

As being told from the greats work hard play hard.

Because in the long run I bet it's all worth it.

Just strive for the best, because I know you can do it.

I belive you in you you're the best.

If you're feeling low and down no matter who is around express yourself, oh please do cause nothing is better then a socializing zoo.

By relieving your stress you feel better inside, from this your able to do better outside.

I know this might sound corny but anything is possible if you just believe.

And I know you might be thinking oh this is awefully wrong, but Im sorry this is not a song.

It's just words of the truth from my set of mind saying just to be you cause nothing is better and you know that's true. 

From life there comes ups and downs but who cares we suceed without a frown. 

Something like homework bringing you down? well cheer up kid you're out and about done with your homework free as you can be.

Trust me when I say this cause I am too in the same spot as you.
High school isn't the greatest but believe me when I say this be the best you can cause its the least of your worries.

It's just life. Basically a cycle repeated over and over.

Birth, school, work, death.

Through each of those stages come adventures to come.

Now tell me will you work your hardest to not just be one more person that went through life unhappy, Im just saying be happy with everything you do live no regrets because remember you only live once.






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