Only to those who achieve and succeed will survive,

Making every step they make a countless bribe,

Even the independent has trouble sorting out their own lives,

Don't worry, we're all greedy with life.


Some people aren't your friends, 

Making schemes to plot their revenge,

Waiting to decease your life will a cruel end,

If the plan fails, only time will tell when they're ready to do it again.


The killing will never stop,

It will increase day by day,

Get ready to take out your mops,

For here where these strangers bodies lay.


We've have wasted everything life has offered us,

Using it in ways you would've never thought of,

Just to make your life a living hell is a must,

The world is a big lie with robbers and complete lust.


But that's okay, there's another world with family and friends,

That's when the pain and tragedy ends. 

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