Living life as a teen is hard

sometime it feels like I'm suck in a brick yard

I try to look through it but that wall is not invisable

To be honest its my parents acting like the wold is transmissible.


School is easy, it's the drama that's the problem

not everyone seems to fit into one column

everyone has a clique, wheather it's the nerds or the jocks

I wish all this diversity will just STOP!


Then you have money issues

No, we're not poor we're just broke

just like the story that Dick Gregory wrote.


Why is schools closing down in Philadephia?

Education is the only thing that can help you

Help you get what you want, and need

Education is what feeds!


My dad always say's "life is what you make it"

"you can either make or break it"

so I take this advice and I choose to make it

any opportunity knocking I'm going to take it!





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