the thing that creates the mind,body,soul

the thing that can break, make, and take you to places you never dream of

the thing that you teaches you love and hate  and things you should appreciate 

this is life thing that teaches lesssons everyday not to steal but learn god's will

but with every good thing their comes a bad when man kills each other its so sad 

mothers stay while fathers go where thewind takes them

a place where poverty, starvation, and depression go hand and hand 

they say they care  but  all i give them is a evil stare

because I think of every going on here and  there 

i sometimes wonder if its a God up there 

i see people lives  come to a end at the age of ten

when its my time me and God will make a mends 

its a shame that life comes to a end

you walk thinking everybody is your friend

but what you to realize i am my on true friend

i live alone and i die alone 

this your life, my life, this is life 




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