I have no rights
I have no life
I have no fun
Seems like im shown no love
I think of ways to make things right
I keep trying to better my life
Everytime I make a move, according to you
Its like what the hell did you just do
You look me up and down
Like im an outcast
I don’t really fit your needs and wants
Im not what you want me to be
Only thing I can do is be me
Be a person with a character, that very unique
That’s what I am
A person a good heart and quite a sense of style
If its not right according to you
Then just let our troubles begin
Two wrongs don’t make a right
What you did just that night
I want be doing tonight or for a long time
Im tired of eing scared of your mistake happening twice
What happened to you…
Happening to me to… Not gonna happen
I don’t think its fair or right
We should end this before it gets serious
I know I want to live a good life
I know you want to keep me apart of yours
Over and over I thought that I had done something wrong
But it has nothing to do with me
But all with what you have done
If you were miserable or upset
I am very sorry about that
As of me… Miserable, sad, hurt, disturbed
Is what I am
Now either take me for me
And trust in who I am
Or losing me is what will happen


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