I’ve awakened, my eyes remain shut.

Head under, wrapped in the scars, bruises, and cuts.

My thoughts pondering, my dreams, and my fears.

What’s the point? Although grateful for past years.

The pity soaked up as I continue to lie.

No attention, no ambition, no admiration….why?

No goals, no drive, no help….I cry.

Affiliated with the wrong things and the wrong life.

Walk by faith and not by sight.

After all the lies tears and deceit

Nothing in the world could feel so warm or taste so sweet.

Love, love conquers all and I love myself.

This depression has got to go it’s bad for my health.

My emotions, my worries, my trials, and battles thrown in the field, the fire is lit.

My eyes now open; life’s only what you make it.


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