Abortion. I’m better than this.

Forgiveness.You know where to find me. 


Be still with me. 

I’ve got my bad days too. 

That’s when the leaves blow,

Be still with me.


Spin me around again, again.

Back to the day I turned 18. 

Be careful how I speak. 


Let me open my mouth. 

I know what you’re thinking.

I cheated love.

Promises I didn’t keep. 

To myself.




I have to stay true to myself,

the universe knows why. 


You’ll never be lonely, only loved.

If waited. 

Be patient, my love. 


I’m waiting, I’m waiting.

Time heals everything.

So that’s what people say.

Sit here.

Sit here. 

Barely breathing, holding.


Let go.


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