The Life

The Life


Life is there to live together

It’s there to live in all weather

This should be motto our lives

It is beauty of life to remember


For our petty interest we part with

For no reason how can disembark with

Takes time to accomplish purpose of it

Can do for sometime be smart with it


After taking some rest can restart with

Life is a non stop journey to enjoy with

It has rainbow colors in to dance with

But as men; don’t realize meaning of it


Beauty of life is in living together

Realize it has in it beauty of feathers

It makes purpose of our lives greater

Resultantly we live better life together


It presents a rosy scenario to be fresher

It has a laser beam, focus on it greater

Once realize gist of it will be in theater

Family life is gist of it to get pleasure

This poem is about: 
Our world


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