Just an ordinary african american girl

to be exact nigerian. Grew up in this undescribable world

See, mommy and daddy would always fight.

So to avoid seeing or hearing it , she's always run in her room and hide.

Until one day daddy left for good without saying goodbye.

In and out the house he would go.

For the last time he came to collect all his clothes.

Looked his little angel in the eye and said I’ll be back in 5 mins, but 5 mins turned into 7 years.


So she barely grew up with “daddy’s love.”

Instead the only loving she knew came from a boy name chuck.

Oh what fool she was

She never expected someone she hated so much , could eventually turn into someone she cared for.

Just him saying “ wassup & giving her a hug” made her love him even more.

CRAZY RIGHT ? how you can love someone and be uncertain if they love you back?

But she never really cared about all that.

See her only biggest fear was losing the person she cherish so much just like her dad.


So in and out the picture chuck would be.

Until one day he decided to make it official finally.

Then suddenly all the happiness and joy left because the relationship was over.

Few months later the butterflies flew back. The whole scenario was like a roller coaster.


One thing for certain is that he’ll always be her first love.

Because one thing she noticed is that with her he never gave up.

But sadly together they can’t be.

So I guess you can say now , what they had was history.


She tried moving on to other boys but that ain't never gon work

because his name was mark in her deep in her heart & it hurts.

Shout to you chuck for showing what me what love is

cause not a lot of boys would do what you’ve done, they just do you dirty and eventually ditch.

I'm just proud to see that you're out there doing it big cause that was my only wish. That you go far with the business and don’t forget about me.

But if you did , it's alright.

Because nothing last forever & you was the best gift God could ever place in my life.


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