Life 101 (My Year Scholarship)

It comes around every year but January 2016 was one like no other.

I had new goals, new experiences, higher expectations

and I was ready to go further.


My first semester of college was already in the books

I had time, I had fun

I survived, my gpa survived and...

college seemed easier than it looked.


I had shot for the moon 

But I wanted more

So I set for the stars 

Unaware of what the universe had in store


In Spring 2016 I joined 6 organizations and a National Honors Fraternity

At the same time I took the maximum number of hours possible

Determined to see what I had in me.


My strengths I knew well

To me my weaknesses were strangers

I was so blinded by highlights

I couldn't see the dangers


I put the world on my shoulders 

And it was too much for me

I just got a diploma 

Yet I was SO hungry for a degree


I was high off of life

I wanted to be free

I wanted to be the best

I wanted to succeed!


Yet at the time I didn't understand it wasn't about me

I had never failed in my life

And you must fail many times

Before you succeed


You must understand what binds you

Before you can be freed...


I entered the year feeling on top,

Swinging my fists around

I entered the year, feeling like the man

Til Reality beat me down


Til Reality looked me in the eyes 

And Reality sat me down

Til Reality told me to stop procrastinating

And do it now,

Til Reality taught me how to manage time, pick up a book,

and set the phone down.


The dream I envisioned college to be 

was simply that, a dream

Reality woke me up and taught me that 

Life is what you make it to be

Because Life must be treated respectfully


Many abuse Time 

While Life passes by

 But it's promised that Death

will ensure one pays for the crime


So because of Reality my losses turned into lessons

My mistakes turned into blessings

My weaknesses strengthened

And it was clear my life was progressing


Because of Reality I found Opportunity

Who enlightened my future 

And gave me a sense of community


Words can't describe this feeling of unity

A network of positivity

And a love that holds true to me


A love for God 

And a love for my family

An appreciation of friends 

And all that they've done for me


For on my worst days, acquaintances

have become brothers


So I'm thankful for every experience 

Because 2016 was truly like no other.

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