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i wake up each day embracing life
knowing we are never promise tomorrow
i ask myself, whats my purpose in life
it was always said we are born with a purpose-we need to know what that is
i find myself taking a journey through the streets of the bronx (where i'm from)
bronx is known to be the murder capital of new york
does my jouney stop or do i continue?
i ask myself, am i sellout because i want to see beyond my surroundings or should i be in comfort zone just exploring uptown to the south bronx
but then, what would life really be if i dont experience other avenues beside 3rd
one thing i know about life is that if i dont see beyond my neighbordhood, i'll be just another spic from the bronx

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Love how you know that you need to look at the other opportunities in life and that you don't want to be just another random person from the Bronx. Great Poem!

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thanks 4 the support
actually, this was a thought i had when i was a kid
i'm a grown up that went above and beyond my surrounding-im a proud hs counselor that save lives everyday
im going to keep writing poetry that represents many fruit for thoughts


Great job, keep it up!

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thanks 4 the support
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I enjoyed your poems.....also I created video: for website: for encouraging fresh poets so please inform of improvements....again thanx!



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pardon for responding late

thank you for comment-check out my other poems i wrote

Miss Independent

Nice inner reflection...stay active or become stagnant? A great question everyone should ask themselves...

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appreciate the compliment, for me, im very active-its about growth and knowing where u came from that lead to who you are today

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This is amazing and has lots of meaning to it. I look forward to reading your other poems.

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Thank you for the luv and support
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I like that part where you ask yourself if you're a sell out for wanting to improve your life.

I I feel as though a lot of people in our black community may feel the same way. We're stuck between a arock and a hard place.

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We must do better as a community
All lives matter
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God bless you

Amber Mahogany

I love so much how this affects not only young people, or old people, or black people, or white people, because everyone can ask themselves this question. I thank you deeply this has helped me a lot, even if I was not your intended audience, and your other words seem wonderful. Thank you.

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I'm gratefully thankful that this poem helped you 

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God is opening my eyes in ways that's remarkable 

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