Lies To Myself

"Be prettier, be smarter, work harder",

My daily motto now my self-beliveing lies,

Something I tell myself to justify the cries.

"Another 10, another 100, c'mon you can do more",

Yet another lie I tell to drag my, aching body, off the floor. 

"Beauty hurts" and "Beauty is pain",

"Beauty is knowing how to restrain". 

Foods eaten only to be thrown up later, 

Hungry, but the want for beauty is greater.

They tell me I'm pretty just to be polite, 

Every night the corset pulled tight. 

Slim waist, big derriere and bust, 

The only thing that bringforth men's lust.

Eyes of approval and words that follow,

Make the pain worth it, but in the end leave you hollow.

No one notices, no one cares,

As long as you're pretty it was worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Lie to me like I lie to myself,

Make me feel as beautiful as the pictures of the girls on your shelf.

Let me know my strife was worth it,

Tell me that to you I am perfect.

One more lie to justify the rest,

One more lie to show I've completed my quest.   






This poem is about: 
Our world


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