lies for my therapist

You already know why I'm here don't you?
I would tell you but you are so smart,
Probably heard all this before

Here comes the lies
The pattern of my life

I am happier now a days
I can see more light than ever before
Its like life really wants me
Can relate with me so well

When I smell the fresh air
I know that there is still a world for me
In the city or in the subs
Someone is there

I haven't fantasized in a long lime
Its been months since my last urge
I have never attempted, not even once

You know me
I smile and I laugh
My eyes are dry
If I need to cry,
The tears will come

My poems are getting happier too
You can feel the sun
It radiates from the words,
The verbs,
The nouns,
And the pronouns,

You really know how to help me
The music is so fresh
My sleep has never been better
I am glad that I feel better

I would tell you if anything was wrong
I trust you
I know you want to help
I have never been happier
Waking up I know is a blessing
You have helped me in every way

This poem is about: 
My community


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