Lies, Lies everywhere...


Lies,Lies everywhere,

Muttered and silent, escaping from little mouths

Loud and scattered , dangering lives,

Can't hide from the evils of human nature

Even if it keeps you in danger...


Lies, Lies  from everyone,

You think you know someone well enough

Well, NO - People hide too much stuff,

Your mother seems so flawless and guiltless,

Don't you think?

Well, NO - she's a human too and has some stories concealed...


Lies, Lies everyday,

We believe our eyes and ears even if they don't agree

Taught to obey and listen to the "truthul" mistery

Forget the natural insitncts- you HAVE  to be like all

Uniqueness  equals weakness, 

Social media makes us to fall...


Lies, Lies are inevitable,

Common, evil, scary.


Lies, Lies everywhere ,

Ignoring them, provokes lies into becoming the reality.


STOP ignoring

Because lies, lies are everywhere...







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