Lies surround me in a thick fog

Suffocating my words

Clouding my thoughts

Things of true value can't be bought

But materialism and dishonesty is all we've been taught

They put our souls on the stand

And we're sold to the highest bidder

Blinded by the glitz and glamour

Too stupid to be bitter

Sex means love

Money & drugs

Queens are now hoes and sluts

Who don't mean much

Throwing away their real crowns

To show off their fake butts


But no loving

Kisses that turn into fucks

Respecting ourselves is a thing of the past

The only thing that matters is twerking my ass

Dancing around and making that cash

Who cares about the dreams that we had

Of being something better and bigger than mama could ever dream

But let's raise our glass

And roll our blunts

To the youths lost

And the all the swag we got


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