Real eyes realize real lies

Family drama scars and draws a thin line 

In the middle of friendly ties 

We say things for the moment

But when it comes to success do we really seize the moment 

Leaving our promises abandoned lonely cause we disowned it

Real lies realize real lies

Relationships sometimes run thin but trust still lies

It's hard to stay with him when all he does is tell lies

That damaged my self image of what I called a perfect relationship 

Real lies realize real lies

Why do we tell these lies

Is it our pride that suddenly creeps when our success was silently subsided

Why do we tell these lies

Is it because we want our man to love us harder

 while the other woman is still wanting him undercover

Why do we tell lies

Is it because of the first of last impression trying to save us from getting into a deep depression 

Words hurt people don't realize it but real eyes realize the worlds flaws 

that were creatively turned into real lies

This poem is about: 
Our world
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