Binding for time and my own piece of mind, Please don't mistake my patience in all of your lies, It's the lack of your purpose, With misinterpreted curses That leave me so wordless and out of my mind, But this hole dug so deeply by the rabbit of feeling, can hold snug perspective as I begin cleaning, the cluster of trust I see you gave up, the ghost was the voice and I hear him still preaching.
At that point I tore a hole in the sky, I've searched for this knowledge I've searched through the night, As I came back to, crushing you I thought is this so right? I knew before I that it was time for goodbyes, So you drive to my place where, We just laid there naked, And from some small burns, Your heart had turned so complacent, Your decision was set, Now I'm glad that you made it, I've come to find the source, By defining my own patience.
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