The Lie I Tell

The greatest lie I’ve learn to tell

Is of the facade that I try to sell.

By chance or happenstance, I’ll let you decide,

Why behind a mask I feel I must hide.


Hard to describe our world as great,

When all I see is one of hate.

My cynicism I fear not to reveal,

When the world we live in is far from ideal.


The way that we choose to live

Is condemn first then forgive.

Or rather than choosing to be wise

We’d rather indulge toward our demise


Instead of choosing to be kind,

We’d rather act rashly and blind.

Rather than good fortune equally spread,

We’d rather hurt others to get ahead.


When the world we live in is far too cold,

Why should I desire a heart of gold?

Or choose a path that would lead to hurt

When it is far easier to avert.


A question hiding a lot of doubt

An answer I thought I could do without.

That was the case, or so I thought

Until a darkness I was caught.


Lost or so, and no hope of being found,

That question of doubt came back around.

To move forward, a decision was made

Fear for courage, I would have to trade


Eyes opened, not knowing they were closed

My shortsightedness finally exposed.

My reward for diving towards the unknown

Is an answer I’ve taken for my own.


Because it is hard, I must try

To be the person beyond the lie.

If behind a mask I dare not hide,

Others find it easier to confide.


If another candle I should light,

Together we both shine twice as bright

If we each should light two more,

We will shine brighter than four.


With each chance to teach, is a chance to grow

As much as we learn, there is more to know.

With every effort that we put in,

Brings an opportunity to win.


If I want to make that world true one day,

A better me I must first display.

But with fears of being rejected or betrayed,

The choice to show my true self, I have delayed.


A mask I have learned to wear so tight,

That taking it off doesn’t feel right.

Easier to show a stone -cold face

Then to reveal a heart of silk and lace.


But beyond the thousand-yard stare,

is a person who wants to care.

For through these eyeholes I can see

The potential this world could be.


If that world should ever come to light,

I will remove this mask without a fight.

Until then, I will continue to hide

this true self that I keep deep inside.


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