The Lie

The small blonde girl wishes upon a star, swims like a fish in the tub (she's a mermaid, you see), bakes an imaginary pie. 

But was it all a lie?

The small blonde girl cries, she hears the truth of hate, the truth of pain, the truth of deceipt, the truth that Mom and Dad tried to hide the lies...

But she cries.

Why all the lies?

The small blonde girl grows up in a heartbeat, she sees what divorce can do, she feels what divorce can do, torn apart -- not just a family, no.

But the small blonde girl with two halves of herself split forever, no.longer.tied. 

So tell me, why they lied?

The small blonde girl knows trust should be unbreakable, that truth should always be spoken, but that love can be hard and sometimes dies.

No more lies. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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