A Libra's Cure or Gift?

We are known for this 

Us libras that is 

a hope-less romantic 

Every little gesture is made out of love you see

That is how we see things 

The thrill of someone wanting us 

Others critique us into 

fools for "Love and Lust" 

Is this a cure you wonder? 

to love so easily? 

to care so deeply? 

to want so badly? 

to fall all the harder? 

But to those who wish for love, 

admire and adore us....

for taking a chance 

for being liberated from our fears 

for the feelings that could last forever 

for the pain wwe seem to forget 

Wouldn't this be a gift 

Is it wrong to want to feel loved or 

Is it right to never love for the pain it could bring you from 

sweet sorrow? 


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