words slip out of your mouth like warm ginger ale

broken glass cuts deep into your tongue like fireball plastered

head to foggy to realize the signs “ um we need directions speak up dumb ass. What you mute?”

Cop car unloading us off like brown cows to the slaughterhouse 2 white women eyes perked up like snapchat filters phone glued to deep to their brain” look up dammit. This shits on fire!”

she’s much higher then-

New York City empire state building rims broken down baseball stadiums empty, shopping malls empty, Panera bread, nails salons, Auto shops, Home Depot, B&B’s all them shits is empty my head full.

cause, words been my food like bees to honey like whales to krill like Jumps rope and songs all recorded on last years VCR played back over and over again scratched and bent out of shape. “We’ll get it honey. Don’t you worry we’ll get it.” I smoke two full journals by day and spit about 40 something by night. I could read and write long as I could spit and piss

 and they’ll do the same.

Those two children there.



They’ll the do the same.



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