Liberty and Justice for SOME

I take a knee

In solidarity

With my oppressed brothers and sisters

For I am not free

Until we are all free

I speak of BlackLivesMatter

In hope to open your eyes

I say protect DACA

To open up your mind

I call myself a Nasty Women

Because that is who I am

I advocate for male rape victims

Because they need a voice

I stand with Intersectional Feminists

And ask my white sisters to fight for our colored sisters

I fight for my mother country

Because she aint no shithole

I spoke for those who had no voice

But now they have their own

I refuse to give my seat up

And insist the dinner table be made larger

I say Power to the Polls

I say we need gun Control

Columbine should have been the last

Columbine shouldn't have even been the first


Chose one

Fight for it

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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